Your Headline Resource Swipe File Just Got Better


Your “Headline Resource” swipe file just got better because I’m going to tell you about 3 easy resources you can plunder.

Writing headlines for your online business can be a “mind stopper.”   Sometimes when I look at a blank sales page… all my copywriting training seems to go right out the window.

That’s when I grab my handy “Headline Resource” swipe file.

We are surrounded with “Headlines” everyday… and we’re so use to them, they float right over our awareness.


There are 3 free “Headline Resources” that can’t be beat.  They are so readily available, that it’s easy to make your own “Headline Resource” swipe file today.

1.  Magazines

While your standing in line at the grocery store… look at the front cover of the magazines in the rack next to you.  The best magazine “Headlines” are on the cover.  The text on magazine covers tell you what’s inside in such a provocative way… that you’ll slip a copy into your basket without even thinking about it.  A last minute buying gesture.

“Clutter, Gone!  Amazing Japanese Organization System Cures Worst Messes”

Reworked For Online Marketing:
“Anxiety, Gone!  Amazing Video Recording System Cures Worst Editing Fears”

2.  Direct Mail

Direct Mail copywriting is some of the best resources for “Headline” copy.  You know… the junk mail that comes in you mail box and goes into the garbage before you reach the door.

Direct Mail:
“How 3 Out Of 4 Doctors Fail To Tell Patients About The Dangerous Side Effects Of Drugs They Prescribe”

Reworked For Online Marketing:
“Why 3 out of 4 Online Mentors Fail To Tell Students About The Dangers Of Putting PowerPoint Presentations On YouTube”

3.  Tabloids:

Have you ever noticed the folks in line at the grocery store… who pick up a tabloid?  They look around to see if anyone is watching… just before they stick the thing under three loaves of bread on the counter.

Opps… maybe that’s just me.  I almost feel like I have to explain to the check-out girl that I’m using it for marketing purposes.  “Sure!”

Embarrassing or not… tabloids are famous for eye grabbing “Headlines.”

“Stars Get Ready For Shorts, Sundresses, Even Bikinis”

Reworked For Online Marketing:
“Online Marketers…Get Ready For More Blog Visitors – Prospects – Even Customers Dying To Hand You Their Money”

Next time your out and about… look to see how you can swipe “Headlines” from magazine covers, and tabloids.  Before you chuck your junk mail…look to see if you can swipe “Headlines” for your blog site, sales pages and opt-in landing pages.


Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Keep in mind… you’ll want to make sure keywords are also in your “Headlines.”

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  1. Awesome post Kathy! I love that your tips are always so straight forward and right on time. Magazines, Tabloids and Direct Mail – It hasn’t dawned on me to keep those in my swipe file as well. Thanks!

    Michele Scism
    The Results Lady

  2. Yes! I love to look at Tabloid headlines while standing in line. They are such attention-grabbers which is exactly what we want our headlines to be. As far as having keywords, I don’t think it’s necessary to always keep an eye on that. A few great headlines without the necessary keywords is OK 🙂

  3. Cheryl says:

    Great information. Have bookmarked this blog..
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Super spectacular post, Kathy!

    Love the specific examples. I’ll agree with Michele Scism — I really appreciate and enjoy your “right on the money” straightforward write-ups.

    So now I better start looking at the junk mail before I toss it in the round file. 🙂


  5. I love swipe files and thanks for the tips on how to get free inspiration! Definitely helps to have quick resources at hand when that blank page stares back at you, wanting a title. With these title ideas, the blog or article becomes easier to write because the keywords in the title provide you with an instant outline.