WordPress – WordCamp Utah 2010


WordPress – WordCamp Utah 2010

Last week I attended WordPress… WordCamp Utah 2010, which was held at the University of Utah.  Two years ago, WordCamp Utah 2008 was held not from my home, in Utah County.  After attending two years ago and learning so much, I was determined not to miss the 2010 session.  And, I was not disappointed.

When I arrived… I looked around to discover I was not the only “mature” face in the crowd. (If you get my meaning.)   However, I have to admit, there were far more bright young people in attendance than boomers.   And…that was okay with me… I loved being surrounded by so many bright young minds, all chatting away in “tech talk.”

I came to realize how much I have learned in the last couple of years.  I actually knew what they were talking about… at least 80% of the time.  That is a pretty big leap for me considering so much of the “tech talk” sailed over my head the last time I attended.

In fact… I actually contributed to the conversation during one of the lectures, offering helpful information to a participant who asked a question.

I left the seminar with the confidence that WordPress is by far the best blogging and web site format on the planet.  And, that WordPress is still in its infancy as far as Internet web sites are concrerned.  Those who are using WordPress for their businesses are miles ahead of those who are not… in the way of simplicity, ease and SEO capabilities.

I was so busy taking notes, I almost forgot to take photos… but I have a couple to share with you.

WordPress Stars

Look at these smart young bucks all lined up waiting to get into a class.

Here are three of my favorite people.  On the left is smart, bright Jake Spurlock, who is my webmaster.  He took me under his wing when I hardly knew what the dashboard was for… and patiently answered my questions and helped me with my first site.  He worked on BuddyPress for WordPress.  It’s a social networking plug in.

In the middle is Matt Mullenweg. He is the founding developer of WordPress (at the age of 19.)  And, at the old age of 26,  is still one of the brightest minds in the business.  He and his team are constantly developing new ways to improve the WordPress core structure.  I am impressed with his dedication to us and his high ethical standards.

He’s also the developer of Askismet and Ping-O-Matic.

On the right is Joseph Scott. He works out of his home in Salt Lake City and was the “bug” man for WordPress.  In otherwords… before an updated version came out..he’s the guy who located and fixed the bugs in the code so WordPress will would work efficiently  for you and me.  He’s now working on Akismet… so it will work even better to keep “Spam” off our sites and out of the comment area of our blogs.

Yep… that’s me with Matt Mullenweg who graciously posed with me so I could verify that I was there.  (He’s either very tall… or I’m particularly short…. I believe it’s the later.)

Anyway… I had a great day and I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned in the next few posts… so stay tuned.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  If you ever have an opportunity to attend a WordCamp in your area… by all means do it.  It will be well worth your time.

P.P.S.  This photo was taken at WordCamp Utah 2008.  My sis, Sheila Atwood, and I are right in the middle of things.  See what I mean about being surrounded by young bright minds!

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  1. This event looks like tons of fun, Kathy!

    WordPress is a winner. It was a bit difficult for this old boomer gal to navigate my way around at first but the tech support is great and the tutorials are really helpful.

    I can’t believe Matt was 19 years old when he developed WordPress. That’s amazing!!

    So glad to hear you had a wonderful time and it sounds like you’re going to be a “regular” for years to come. 🙂