WordPress Problems? | Plugins Or Themes Are The Culprits


Have you ever had your WordPress site go a bit screwy?  Perhaps the front page doesn’t look right.  Perhaps you can’t navigate around your site easily.

General WordPress Problems?  Plugins or your theme is the culprit!

Before I tell you how to fix it… I need to give you a bit of background.

Two years ago… my sister, Sheila Atwood, and I were just getting into WordPress.  It was greek to us… and we needed someone to help us put up a site.

Online… Sheila found a Utah “WordPress Geek” dinner group that met once a month.  It turned out to be a very casual arrangement… dine… and chat.

What a find!  Sitting in one room were some of the smartest computer programmers, SEO and WordPress geniuses you could find.   Smart young people who are in the know!  (We found our genius webmaster, Jake Spurlock.)

At first… we just sat and listen to these guys talk among themselves about WordPress…and nothing made much sense to us.  But as time went on… we came to understand more and more.  Now we can pretty much enter the conversation and not look foolish.  In fact… we do pretty darn good!

At the first meeting we were introduced to Joseph Scott, who resides in Salt Lake City.  He works for Automattic  who is “WordPress.”  Joseph is the “bugman”… the guy who finds and fixes all the little WordPress glitches.

One evening I was complaining that the front page of my site looked screwy.  Joseph said, “Most problems that cause your site to act up comes from plugins or your theme.”  It’s not a WordPress problem.

Perhaps a plugin has not been updated for the newest versions of WordPress or a plugin is not compatible with your theme.

Joseph suggests:  Deactivate all of your plug-ins.  Reactive each plugin one at a time, until you find the culprit.

Some times just reactivating the plugin will fix the problem.  Other times you may have to remove the plugin and upload it again.  And… if the problem persists… you may have to deactivate or remove a particular plugin all together.

With so many WordPress plugins and WordPress themes available… there is no guarantee they will all work together in the WordPress format all of the time.

I did exactly what Joseph suggested… I deactivate all of my plugins and re-activated them one at a time… and my problem cleared right up… immediately.

There you go… Just a little WordPress tip that may come in handy someday.

No need to call your webmaster when you have WordPress problems… You can “Do It Yourself!”

Til Later,

Kathy Griffiths

P.S.  If following Joseph Scott’s suggestion doesn’t work… Call for help!

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  1. Excellent advice, and very true. I find most of the time issues are solved by figuring out which plugin caused it or modifying the theme to play nicely with particular plugins. WordPress can be an adventure. 🙂

  2. Sue White says:

    Thanks Kathyrn for the reminder. I have had to remove some of the plugins I installed because there was a conflict between the plugins. It is great to have so much flexibility, but it can cause problems!

  3. It’s so true!! Sometimes, the little bug is just a tag not adequately closed (it happens a lot to me, since I post in spanish and then translate, that I cut in HTML but paste in Visual, so all the tags get visible and not operationals.

    But on other moments, is a Plugin or a Theme the problem!!

    Thanks for sharing the advice they gave to you!

  4. Kathryn
    I’ve had someone else say the same thing. I hesitate because not sure abt
    reinstalling the plugins. Do you know where there’s a good video showing how or even a written cheat sheet?


  5. Karen Kay says:

    Well there ya go! I do not have a clue why that works, but makes sense to me, since 90% of computer issues are “fixed” when you reboot.

    Just “reboot” your plugins?

    So simple!

    Thanks Kathy!

  6. Rick Lelchuk says:

    Thank you. I feel completely validated. I was working on my wife’s WP site and it was acting screwy. Only thing I could think of was to deactivate all the pluggins and see if the problem rectified itself. Reactivating them wasn’t a problem. Thanks much!


  7. Mary Pat says:

    I am still a newbie at this. But you have to start somewhere. I attendent Nikki Tallmadge’s webinar tonight on wordpress blogs and web sites. She is part of the 30 day blog challenge, too. My eyes opened more concerning the versitility of the wp blog. However, at this point, I will leave much of the changes and updates to Nikki.

    Mary Pat

  8. Tony Denson says:

    Quick note for Ruthan Brodsky about videos for managing WP Plugins. I entered “how to manage wordpress plugins” int Google search and it brought up a lot of text tutorials. But if you go to the left sidebar and click more it gives you the choice to click videos and “Voila” Videos but not much. I only got 1010 videos choices for my search but maybe you can find what you want to learn there.

    WordPress 3.0 is up an available. Has everyone updated their platform?

  9. Kathryn, this is such a great post. It’s those darn widgets that drive me crazy. I’ve tweeted about it once or twice. I, too, search for the WP videos but rely heavily on my WP expert to get me out of a jam. Like you, I am grateful for those who are experts.