Learn The Secret Of Using Blog Tags Correctly


There has been much discussion on how to use blog tags or post tags  correctly.  At WordCamp Utah 2010, it was confirmed that “Post Tags or Blog Tags” are used for the soul purpose of searching for a topic, rather than an invitation for the search engines to find locate your site, index the information and rank your page.

Purpose Of Post Tags Or Blog Tags

1.  Tags link readers to related content

2.  Post tags group your content by subject in more detail than a category

3.  Tags are viewed by search engines but don’t give you page rank, nor add you to their databases.  Blog tags only define your content for searchability.

How Can Post Tags or Blog Tag Benefit Your Reader?

Use tags to help your readers find related information.  For instance, if my reader wants to find out all that I have to say about using “Keywords,”  all they have to do is type in “keywords” in the search box of my site.  Every post where I have discussed “Keywords” will come up for them to read.  That is if…. I have put the word “Keywords” or “Keyword” as a tag when I wrote posts discussing keywords.

In other words, Tags are ultimately for the “reader” not the “search engines.”   When you are deciding on tags, look at your post and determine which words would help your reader find the post or a related post,  if they searched for it.

What Post Tags Are Not

Post Tags Are Not Categories.  A category is a broad grouping of posts.  Post Tags are similar, but they are used to describe your post in more detail within the category.  A category is superior to a Post Tag in the hierarchy of organization and they are independent of each other. (Search engines look at Category tags.)

You don’t have to include Post Tags… but every post must be listed under a Category.

Keep Post Tags Simple

Often, I see a list of post tags a mile long that show up at the bottom of a post.  It’s not necessary.  Only use 4 or 5 tags, at the most, to help your readers locate information on the same topic or similar topic in a variety of posts you’ve written.

Notice the tags I use when I posted on video equipment.  If my reader searched for any of these words… this particular post and related posts will come up.   I used these terms for the convenience of my readers… not keyword searches.

There are Tags that are far more important than WordPress Post Tags and they are Title Tags.  I’ll be discussing Title Tags in my next post.  Stay tuned.

Happy Marketing and Promotion!

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  By the way… Save your many keywords for All In One SEO.  I’ll be discussing this subject in a future post.

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  1. This is a great explanation of post tags. Especially the comparison of tags to categories.

    I like to use what keywords I think my readers may be searching for as my post tags.

  2. Grace says:

    Fortunately I had stumbled onto a word press article describing this technique when I first started out. The trick for me is remembering to use them.

  3. Angela says:

    Nice clear explanation of what post tags are. I like how you showed that they are different than categories. I think that many bloggers who are new may not know this.

  4. Thank goodness for you, Kathy! You have a real knack for breaking things down into lessons that make sense.

    I get all mixed up regarding categories, post tags, descriptions, alt tags, title tags, H tags … whew! 🙁

    I can’t even keep up with the nomenclature let alone how in blue blazes to attach and implement all this stuff. I’m sure it’s second nature to you but it boggles my brain.

    Very valuable post!

  5. Thanks so much for the explanation, Kathy! I’ve researched this before but came away just as muddled as when I started. You make it all so clear and easy to understand.