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It’s been two years since my first WordPress site hit the web.  At the time, folks were just beginning to see the value of having a WordPress site.  Blogger and Type Pad were the blogging formats of choice.  WordPress was just beginning to make headway in replacing  old static sites by becoming the preferred blog & website format.

I’m  amazed at what’s happened in the last two years.  WordPress is now the format of choice for Internet Marketers.   It’s simple, workable and has great SEO advantages.

To better understand WordPress early on, my sister, Sheila Atwood, and I went searching for a local group that would be able to give us some help setting up and maintaining a WordPress site.

Bingo… we found one.  It was a local group of “WordPress Geeks” that got together once a month for dinner and chat.  We were two old gals, sitting in the mist of young, smart WordPress geniuses… and I mean geniuses.

At first, it was like listening to a bunch of Albanians discussing their day.  We didn’t understand any of the language.   But… we hung in there and attended the meetings every month.  Little by little… bit by bit…. it started to make sense.

We came to discover we had Joseph Scott in our mist every month.  Joseph is a major player in corporate WordPress.  He’s the “bug guy.”  He works out all the bugs before new WordPress updates are released.

Joseph arranged the first Utah WordCamp, which was held ten minutes from my home.  What a treat it was to see and hear 26 year old Matt Mullenweg, who is the main genius behind WordPress.   What an amazing person!

If WordCamp ever comes to your area… run as fast as you can and enroll.

To make a long story short…. I love WordPress.   I wouldn’t even begin to consider using  another web site format…. and neither should you.   The advantages are endless.

“Market First…. Then Promote.”

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S. Make WordPress your preferred blog and website format choice.  It makes such a difference.

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  1. Jaime says:

    What a great post! I love WordPress too! And that is why I have based my business around helping others learn just how easy it really is to own your own WordPress Blog.