WordPress Features Include The Kitchen Sink


There many creative WordPress options that are available to you when writing a new post.  Many of these features and options are not used or under used when an author writes a post.   I’d like to call attention to 4 my favorite WordPress features that you may not know about and will want to consider when creating your posts.

The “Add More” WordPress Feature

The WordPress options are found just under the title box in the row of little boxes with icons in them.

This “Add More” feature is the 12th box along the row.  If you want to split your page into two parts… this is the place to do it.  Simply place your cursor where you want the split to occur and then click on the “Add More” box and your post will be divided between two pages.

Now why would you want to do that?  SEO of course.  Google thinks your readers are staying on your site to check extra pages.  The more pages your readers click on… the better your rankings are for the post.

Note: This feature shows up on your home page… not your comment page.

The “Kitchen Sink” WordPress Feature

Can you believe that a Kitchen Sink has been included as a WordPress feature on your “Add New Post” page.   Yep… it has.  Like the “Add More” feature, it’s located under the title box and it looks like this.

At the right end there is a box with tiny smaller boxes inside.  This is the “Kitchen Sink.”  When you click on it… it will give you another group of WordPress Features you can use to enhance your blog posts.  Check below to see how fun!

The “Paragraph”  WordPress Feature

On the second row… when you click on the arrow at the right of the word “Paragraph” … a drop down box will show up.  I want to call your attention to the “Headings.”  Use a “Heading Tag” instead of just bolding a subtitle in your post.  The search engines pick up a “Heading Tag” subtitle over a bolded subtitle… for SEO purposes.

Note: All of my subtitles are “Heading 4” in size.  It looks small but will show up larger when you look at the preview or you  publish the page.

The “Color” WordPress Feature

Use color to put a little excitement in your blog posts.  You can use color to call attention to a special point or subtitle.  You can color an entire sentence or paragraph.  Have some fun with color.

There you go… four  WordPress Features that are rarely used.  Now,  go and put in some extra SEO benefits and a little excitement into your WordPress blog posts.

Happy Marketing and Promotion!

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Next post will feature a few more exiting features that are rarely used… or not known about.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Wonderful! As a freelance writer–poet, writer, reviewer–I am very much into color and customizing things. Thanks for this info!


  2. It can be fun getting to know the “Kitchen Sink”.

    I use the color feature for setting up sales and optin pages with WordPress.

    I love the quote feature. It sets quotes apart from the rest of your blog.

    Looking forward to seeing what else is lurking on that WordPress Dashboard.

  3. Aloha Kathryn, I enjoyed your post and it is good to know those tips you pointed out on wordpress. At times, we forget the general information that makes a big difference. Thanks for sharing!

    PS…I would love to have you come by and share your comment with me. The benefits are sharing is caring. Mahalo! 🙂

  4. Rob Horlock says:

    Thanks very much for this Kathryn. I would never have used this but now I most definitely will!

    best wishes


  5. I didn’t know about the add more pages correlation to more hits! Of course. Love all these tidbits. Thank you!