5 Tips For Using Graphics In Your Online Business


How important are graphics in your online business?  Are they distracting or are they an asset?

Well that all depends upon how they are used and to what degree.  There seems to be a trend toward less graphics and more simplification.  But… remember… a picture is worth a thousand words if used appropriately.

1.  Web Site Design: Graphics can be used to enhance your web or blog site.  However, be careful not to over do it to the point your visitors are distracted by the design.

The most important graphic on your site is a photo of yourself.  I’m surprised how many blogs are missing this important promotional element.  Don’t deny your readers the opportunity to bond and build a personal relationship with you by not seeing what you look like.

2.  Opt-in pages: This past year, we’ve seen a change in the appearance of opt-in pages. They’ve gone from sporting fancy graphic banner headers to a plain format that just includes text, a “red” arrow and perhaps a photo.  Testing shows that opt-in pages that are simple to convert better.   In other words… get to the point with no fan fare.

Simple or not… I’m a firm believer in placing your photo on your opt-in page.  When a reader can see your face and read your name, it begins the relationship process and starts an element of trust.  When you use a photo, readers will remember you better when your messages hits their e-mail box.

3.  Sales Pages: Sales pages have also become more simplified.  You don’t see heavy graphic banners at the top of the page as much as you did a couple of years ago.  Sales letters have become more text oriented.

However, you must consider your niche.  Do a little homework and testing in your particular niche to determine whether a simple graphic header appeals to your market over the plain text sales page.

The use of a book cover or CD cover facsimile at the bottom of your sales page may be just the final touch you need to entice them to “Click Here.”

4.  Reports and E-books: Here’s where a few graphics may be helpful to spice up your report or ebook.  Using a replica of a book cover, or CD case on the cover page will enhance your report or e-book.   Also… a photo of yourself is important.  The more frequent folks can see your face, the more they will identify with you.  Don’t miss out on this important promotion opportunity.

5.  Graphic Design Services: Inexpensive graphic designers can be found on the Warrior Forum. Sites like Elance, or RentA Coder offer graphic services.

I’m a graphic designer, and do my own design work.  It can be a bit time consuming and I’ve thought about handing it off to someone else.  However, I found a great product that I’m going to be frequently using for my e-book and CD cover facsimiles.   Using the templates that are available, I put together a book cover in 8 minutes.   I am truly amazed.

This first example is original art work I created.  My design was flat and I ran it through Ecover Creator 3D and it formed this magazine looking cover.  Amazing!  It would have taken me an hour or so to create the same magazine look.  I can take my same original art work and make a CD cover design  Slick!

This cover is using an Ecover Creator 3D template from one of the several themes available.  Many design options are accessible within each theme.  Wow… a great book cover in 8 minutes.

I’m so thrilled with Ecover Creator 3D, I had to pass this information along to you.  For the price of just one book graphic design from a designer… I can create hundreds of book covers from now on with out designing it myself, or hiring someone else to do it.

Book cover graphics are a part of an online business.  No sense in avoiding the opportunity to use them when it is as easy as this.

Successful Marketing and Promotion!

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

Click on the book cover images above and see where they take you!

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  1. You mean to say I am going to put you out of business? and do my own eCovers?

    Just kidding. When you recommended this product I got it and tried it out. It is slick and I am not even close to being a designer.

    You can’t underestimate the value of good graphics. We are very visual people. It is one of the top ways we communicate to another.

  2. Kathy, It’s amazing that just over 24 hours ago I spent quite a bit of time going to different sites looking for software to make eCovers and just made the decision to outsource the project earlier today. I even spent some time on YouTube today looking for more information but each mentioned a software I did not have.

    Thanks for recommending this product, which I will put on my business budget for next month as I see it will be a tremendous asset as I create new products.

    Regarding simplification of Sales Pages, etc. I’ve noticed that as well, but I agree with you people need something to bond with. If not a photo, at least your voice or a video.

    Great post with excellent tips.

  3. This looks great, Kathy, and almost too good to be true. Not to be negative, but …

    Every time I’ve purchased a product similar to this that says all I have to do is click a couple of buttons and voila! – it turns out that I’m provided with a boatload of strange-looking files that sit on my hard drive and I have NO idea what to do with or where in the world to begin.

    So …

    How easy is this really? Too bad the sales page doesn’t include a simple demo video. It certainly would help tech-less people like me. 🙂

    BTW – the magazine-style cover you created looks really sharp – I like it!

  4. Kathryn says:

    I understand what you are saying… this was really easy. I was surprised. The Template was the fastest. No kidding… after watching the video… it took me 8 minutes to make the cover. I’m going to spend a little time exploring the other templates so my covers will all look a bit different.

    My own art work took me a little longer because my art work was a little too small and I had to revise my own art work. Once that was done… It took me about just a couple of minutes to run it through the shape of the book I wanted.

    There are about 3 or 4 book shapes and 4 CD cover shapes.

    Since this was so easy and fast…I will not be shy about using it for book covers.
    for my reports, sales letters and opt-in pages. I’m getting ready to put one on my opt-in box on my site.

    To make my covers clickable…I had to change the image from png to jpg. but I figured that out on my own.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Lisa Raymond says:

    This is an amazing software, Kathy! It looks super-simple to use. That’s a must-have for next year’s budgets! Thanks for sharing 🙂