Understanding Internet Terminology For Your Online Business


Internet terminology can be overwhelming when you first start your online business.  It’s like learning an entire new language.  Like all learning, it’s important to understand the definition of all the words you come across for optimum results and success in your internet business.

However, often folks will skip over words they don’t completely understand, only to find that it hinders their progress in the long run.  In fact, they may quit the business all together because of misunderstood words.

Don’t Go Past A Word You Don’t Understand

So often in my education, I passed over words that I didn’t understand but tried to gather the meaning from the context of the message.  Sometimes it worked… but more often than not… I stayed confused and didn’t ever really grasp the subject.  My weakest subject was math.  If I had really understood every math term, I would have been more successful in math.

Now, I know how important it is to never go past a word I don’t understand…. that’s why I have a menu bar dictionary on my computer.  When I read… even a novel, I have a dictionary close at hand.  I’ve been surprised how many words I thought I knew the meaning of… but did not.

A Lesson From The Past

I learned the Pledge Of Allegiance in elementary school and recited it, along with my classmates, everyday as we faced the flag.  I’m old enough to remember when they added “Under God” to the  pledge.

I look back now and think… “How ridiculous it was to memorize and recite something daily I didn’t fully understand.”  Oh… I knew it was something pretty special but never grasp the power of the creed.  Not one teacher…. yes… not one teacher ever seemed to  understand how important it was to teach the meaning of every word.  Nor did my folks.

A few year a go, I ask a few of my young grandkids what Allegiance, Republic and Indivisible meant in the pledge they recited every day at school.   Not one of them could give me a simple definition of all of the words.  They know now!

Allegiance: Loyalty

Republic: A government that support the rights of the individual over the group.  Citizens who have a voice in their government through representation.

Indivisible: You can’t break it into parts.

When we or our children don’t fully understand words, the power of the message is diminished.  We can be come confused and even loose interest in our project.

Your Online Business

Likewise, If we don’t know internet terminology, we also lose the power that our businesses need in order to be successful.

In your online business learning, make sure you don’t go past words you don’t understand… because it can cause confusion.  If you feel confused at times… go back and find the internet terminology you didn’t fully understand and get it cleared up.

It will be like unlocking a door.  You’ll find the confusion disappear and you’ll move forward with more power in your online business.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S. Do you know what the difference is between a server and a browser?  Do you know how your FTP is connected to your server.  What does FTP mean anyway and how does it work?

P.P.S.  The term, broadband had me stumped for a long time.

What internet terminology confuses you?

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  1. Mandeep says:

    Nice post. I would have to agree, when we start an online business there are so many things that can overwhelm us. And why shouldn’t they, it is a business. Every detail has to be perfect in the mind of an Entrepreneur. Anyways, good post, it’s important to learn, so you can move forward.

  2. Not knowing the terminology can make what I am reading confusing. When I am confused I go back and find what word I did not understand and look it up.

    One of the best affiliate programs I have ever been in had a fabulous glossary…it sure did help.

  3. Really enjoyed this post, Kathy!

    Everything you’ve highlighted here reminds me of the years I studied journalism.

    It was drummed into my head, a million times, that you must write at an 8th-grade level for a newspaper publication, for example. No 50-cent words! The reason? It’s simply what you’ve eluded to here. When people read words they don’t understand, they get confused and stop reading. So if you intend to have subscribers, you have to write in a way that reaches the general public.

    Write On!