I Follow My Own Twitter Rules


There is so much Twitter advice out there and there’s so much contradiction that I’ve decided to follow my own Twitter rules.  I figure… my rules are as good as the next guy’s and I’m basing my rules on experience…my experience.

However,  I must say, there are some rules I follow without question.   You know… the Twitter big guys’ rules.  No sense in putting myself in an “You’re out of here” position.

So… if you’re interested in “My Twitter Rules” of conduct and etiquette… read on.

2000 Rule

A.  There’s no sense in bucking the “2000 Rule” because Twitter is not going to budge.  They put the rule into place as a type of spam filter.  The original 2008 rule was:  I could have as many “Followers” as I wanted… but I was limited to “Following” only 2000 Tweeters.  Period.

Since then… I can “Follow” more than 2000 folks if my “Followers” exceed 2000.  I’ve found it wise to keep my “Follow” list in unison with my list of “Followers” to allow me to override the general 2000 rule when I get there.  Therefore, I have adopted the 2000 rule.


A.  When someone I don’t recognize retweets me… I immediately check out their profile, stats and read a few posts.  If there are no glaring reasons why I should not follow them back… I promptly click the “Follow” button.   I figure, if they were kind enough to RT me, they should be on my “Follow” list.

There have been times when I have retweeted individuals frequently, only to find out that they are not “Following” me.  In that case… I have no problem clicking on the “Unfollow” button for that individual.

B.  I love to retweet good content.  I want my followers to have the best.  However, after I’ve retweeted someone’s various tweets ten times or so… and don’t get the same consideration… I stop.  Oh…it’s lovely to get a “Thanks For The RT”… but along with that… it would be nice they reciprocated now and again.

Following Others

At one time… I followed every Tom, Dick and Harriet.  Anyone who followed me got an automatic “Follow” click.  In addition to that… I was adding to my “Follow” list on #FF and finding followers by other means.  I soon found out that my “Follow” list was growing much faster than my “Following.”  I wanted to keep my list numbers a little closer together.

When I took a closer look at the folks I was following… I was surprise at the number of folks I was following that I had nothing in common with.  So, I put in place a few rules for myself.

A. I’m sent an e-mail every time someone follows me.  I now look at each profile, read a few posts and make my call.  One thing I do is… look to see how close the “Follow” and “Following” list are.

Generally, I don’t follow those who have tons of “Followers” and “Follow” very few people.  (Example:  300 to 20,000) Unless you’re Seth Godin (who doesn’t follow anyone,) or someone of that caliber… I just don’t click on the “Follow” button.  I prefer a more “rounded” sort of folk.

B. I look for people who’s content is helpful to me personally or to my business goals.  I follow people in my niche.  I follow folks who are clever and entertaining.  I follow folks in all categories who offer good content.

I enjoy a little “chitter chatter”…  after all… Twitter is a social site.  But, 20 posts in a row on how cute your dog or boyfriend is, or what you are eating for dinner,  or what movie you’re watching, or where you are shopping at the moment etc. etc. etc. doesn’t motivate me to want to follow you.  Neither does 100 quotes in a row from the “great” and the “un-great.”

C.  I love to look at the #FF recommendations from folks I trust.  I click on many of their suggestions… look at profiles and add to my “Follow” list.  I find high quality content this way.


A.  Since my “Follow” list was growing so fast… I looked at the list of folks that I was following but were not following me and eliminated a few.  In fact… I eliminated a lot… in order to leave room for folks I have something in common with… like you!

I use a great unfollow Twitter tool. It gives me a list of those folks who I am following but are not following me back.  (That’s how I found those folks that I had retweeted a thousands times that weren’t following me.   Perhaps.. I’m not their type… and that’s okay… “click” they’re gone… no more retweets from me.)

B.  I unfollow those who are crude or are demeaning to others.  (Actually, I had to unfollowed very few of this sort.  Most folks are wonderful and don’t fall in this category.)

Follow Me

Now… I hope my Twitter rules haven’t scared you off.   If you believe I’m a good fit for you by all mean… follow me.  I try and pass on the very best content to help you personally or your business.

If you’re one of my followers… just give me a little “shout out” and let me know you’re there.  I love meeting folks from all over the world… and would love to support you in your personal or business endeavors.   After all… isn’t that what “Twitter” is all about?

Marketing and Promotion

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  So those are my Twitter rules… and they work for me.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    These are some great rules. I didn’t know you were limited to 2000 followers! Hey I learned something new today! I find that the people I follow are the ones whose content I’m interested in and I totally agree with your point about a little chitter chatter being fun but too much gets rather boring and doens’t incline me to follow you. I rather assume that most people do the same or am I off on that?

    I also try to read the profiles of people who start following me! I actually really enjoy that. It’s interesting to me to see how others portray themselves on thier profile. Some weird quirk of mine I guess lol

    Thanks for posting this Kathryn!

    Keep well,


  2. Kathy, you are every bit a marketer as the gurus to set rules for yourself on how to manage your Twitter account as long as you abide by their guidelines. Your point about retweeting others and note that they never retweet your posts resonated with me.

    I have a set of bloggers, including you that I look out for their posts to RT, but I try to expand my connections by visiting at least 6 other blogs per week and leave comments or retweet their posts. If they fail to reciprocate after a while I stop. It’s like inviting someone to your home several times and they never send a “Thank You” note or even make a call of appreciation.

    You’ve reminded me of something I need to do. Check on http://friendandfollow.com to see who I’m following that is not following me back. I don’t unfollow everyone who is not following me, but it’s something I do periodically.

    Wonderful, timely post, Kathy. Thank you.

  3. Deb Augur says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    I agree with a lot of Twitter rules, if not all, and I have my own rules, much the same as yours. Twitter is something that you have to find your own way around… what works for you, type of thing. When I first started on Twitter years ago it seemed much easier but as more and more people flocked to it, things got out of hand for me for a while. I made adjustments, finally, and created my own set of rules… that’s when it all worked out great! I’m happy.

    Excellent tips on how to control Twitter since it can so easily get out of hand.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Thanks gals for your comments. We all have settle into what works for us… It sure makes life easier. Bonnie. You’ve miss read the 2000 information. You can have as many followers as you want… you just can’t follow 2000 people with out having 2000 followers.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Thanks a bunch for straightening that out…that makes much more sense! As you can guess, I’m still learning about Twitter and appreciate people like you who help newbies like me figure it all out!
    Keep well,

  6. Works for me! Your personal set of Twitter rules and mine could pass for twins.

    Thanks for putting every last detail down on the page, Kathy. You’ve left no stones unturned. And folks would be wise to read this and re-read it – especially if they’re just starting to figure Twitter out.

    Awesome rules!

  7. Great set of rules! Mine are similar however, I still follow most everyone who follows me UNLESS they tweet trash (ugly words, get rich quick schemes, porn, etc.) I also am considering putting a time limit on myself. Haven’t done it yet but sometimes I do spend too much time on there!

  8. These are a great set of rules. I know that most people don’t worry about having quality followers and go just for the numbers. But that seems like I am fooling my self into thinking I have something I don’t.

    I have added to my rules….don’t follow people who spread bad news. I don’t watch the news and do not need it in my Tweet stream.

  9. Jeff Wise says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your Twitter rules especially the site justunfollow. I have found that to be very handy the last few days. I definitely needed to clean my list up some.

  10. Buraq says:

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  12. Grace says:

    I’ve just started trying to learn the Twitter technique. I’m new at it so these were helpful rules.

  13. Kathryn says:


    You are welcome. I’m glad they were helpful.