Three Reasons Why You Should Write Articles For An Article Directory


I’m sure there are many good reasons to write articles and submit them to a article directory,  but I’m going to focus on just three.

Get Backlinks:

When you write an article and place it in an article directory, such as Ezine Articles, you have an opportunity to promote yourself in the resource box at the end of your article.

If you place your blog url in the resource box… folks, who what to know more about you, can click on the link… which will take them to your blog.

Backlinks from Ezine Articles (who have outstanding ratings) gives you quality backlinks from a powerful authority site.  Google notices and it helps to increases your blog ratings.

List Building:

In the resource box, you also have the opportunity to promote your opt-in box and there by increasing your list.  Simply put the url to your Opt-in page in the resource area.  (I like to disguise my url by using anchor text.  It just looks better.)

It may look like a fine time to send your reader to a sales page… but resist doing it.  You are much better off capturing their name and e-mail address first.  You then have the opportunity to contact them over and over again to build a relationship.  It makes for a much better atmosphere for offering them products.

Online Promotion:

Ezine articles are free to anyone who wants to use them on their web sites, magazines, etc.  However, Ezine’s terms of use state:  Anyone using the article must leave the title, content, and resource area (including links,) and article source in tack.  I like that idea!

It’s an excellent opportunity for your name and article content to get out on the web.  A bit of free promotion is always welcome.

Don’t shy away from writing articles and submitting them to an article directory.  In fact, if you haven’t tried it… don’t waste anymore time… get over to Ezine articles and sign up  and submit your first article.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  One blogging benefit is… you can re-purpose your blog content for your articles.  Now, you don’t have a reason for not writing articles for a article directory.

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  1. Kathryn,
    What a great idea about the ‘guest bloggers’. I hadn’t thought of that, it’s a win/win situation. Thank you for the great tips.
    Heather xx

  2. Nicky Kriel says:

    Great article with very useful tips, now to find the relevant ezines!

  3. All very good points, Kathy. In 2009 when I took an Article Marketing Course, the Resource box as introduced to me as a valuable piece of online real-estate as it does help to direct readers to your blog and/or opt-in page.

    Thanks for sharing these points.

  4. Good solid tips, Kathy!

    A wonderful article directory resource that a lot of people overlook is “Biznik”. Article marketers seem to really love it and I believe the reason is that there are no hoops to jump through as is oftentimes the case with Ezine Articles.

    Although E.A. is always the directory of choice, I’m a gal who appreciates alternatives. Another article directory I would definitely put close to the top of my list would be Marnie Pehrson’s site, “Ideamarketers”. It’s wonderful and lot of super successful online marketers use it!


  5. Kathryn says:


    Thanks so much for the extra resources. I like lots of choices too.

  6. Thanks for the tips and the resources. So far I’ve only posted one article at Ezine but I do plan to repurpose earlier blog posts.
    I’d love to see more hints here for how to do things at my blog. Still dealing with bugs in WP 3.0. I saw a warning moments too late from a WP expert to never install the whole number version, but wait for 3.1 so they can get more bugs out. I keep losing posts.