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Why to some blogs and services seem to get everyone talking?  The internet just seems to “buzz” with the news.   The power of  the Viral buzz  can bring astounding long term results.  Viral Buzz marketing is just one many promotional strategies.

Here is one way to create the buzz.

The bottom line is:  You give above and beyond what is expected!

Our Incredible Story:

20 years ago, my son Brad, answered a newspaper ad for a truck.  He purchased a truck from a fellow who was just getting started in the “used car” business.  The man didn’t have a location, and was running his business from his home.  It was his first sale.  Brad examined the truck, went to the bank, and arranged for the purchase.

When he returned, to pick up his vehicle… he got more than he expected.  The shiny red truck had a “roll bar” in the bed.  No extra charge!

“I just thought it would look sharp with a roll bar in the back,” said Mike.

Two years later, when my daughter Emily needed a vehicle, we sought out Mike.  He offered us a great deal on a little red Mazda.  Clean… low miles… great price.

We purchase the car.  Later that evening, Emily got stuck in a parking lot of a store.  She couldn’t get the car started. (Forgot she had to push the brake to the floor for the starter to work.)

In a panic…crying her eyes out… she called Mike’s mobile phone.  No answer.  She left a message.  I went to the parking lot and we figured out how to start the car and we went home.

At three in the morning… someone drove up in our drive way… got out, examined her new car… and left.  The next morning Mike called to apology for not getting her message until late.  He went to the parking lot and and didn’t find the car…. so he came to our home at three in the morning to make sure Emily got home okay.

Several hours later…Mike showed up at our home with new floor mats for Emily’s new (used) car.  It was “Just a little something…” to relieve her trauma.

Ten cars later… we still go to Mike to purchase our vehicles.  Clean cars, low miles, great prices, wonderful service, above and beyond expectation…. every time.

The viral buzz was started 20 years ago… and today, there are many happy car buyers that we have sent to Mike.  They, in turn… joined the buzz and Mike continues to reap the reward of viral buzz marketing and sells car after car after car.

Need I say more?

Till later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Viral Buzz Marketing works.  Do what it takes to include this promotional strategy in your business.

P.P.S.  By the way… if you ever come to Utah… and want to purchase a car… drop in and see Mike Neal… for service beyond what you expect.

Any other ideas on how to create a viral buzz?  Please share!

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  1. Great story…for both offline and online business men.

  2. Your story reminds me of the local shop which was recommended to me years ago after I was thoroughly disgusted with the service I was getting. (I guess viral un-marketing goes the other way, doesn’t it?) So I switched and have been pleased with their service as well as fair pricing and always a willingness to “go the extra mile.” And like you, I have recommended them over and over again to friends and acquaintances and sometimes total strangers.

  3. Rob Britt says:

    Word of mouth has been around for a long time. It’s just with the invention of the internet word of mouth can really multiply and get crazy. But it still comes down to customer service. Good to have someone around like Mike.
    the more you do, the more it pays off for you in the long. run. I’ve been giving for years, and am sure sooner or later an avalanche is coming. : )

  4. Rodney Daut says:


    That’s a story about GREAT customer service, above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks for sharing it. Also, what writing courses have you taken? You’re telling of the story was also very well done, like some great copywriters I know.


  5. Maximum customer service! That guy continually overdelivers. The result? You keep coming back! Take a lesson marketers 🙂

  6. Suzie Cheel says:

    I love that story and it is so true about customer service

  7. Tony Denson says:

    Soooo when I go to see Mike in Utah and I get there; I am guessing I will need to turn right. Kathryn you and Mike both do what comes naturally you follow the leading in your heart for what is the right thing to do. Anytime we do that then our value as a person rises exponentially. We have to be able to see beyond the “me” to have impact in your circle of inffluence.

  8. Henry Peña says:

    Great story, I love spending money on businesses that really care!

    Question: How do you apply a story such as this and create Viral Buzz Marketing?



  9. Great example of excellent customer service. Mike definitely knows how to make each customer feel important! He probably may not be the least expensive but most of us would be willing to pay a little extra to get that kind of personal service and attention from a service provider.

    Thanks for sharing a story we can relate to ourselves and our business, Kathryn.

  10. Nancy Boyd says:

    Hi Kathy,

    These are great stories to illustrate your point. I like it, too, that this is part of what makes your article viral 🙂 That, and being an excellent reminder of how to create raving fans just by taking one or two extra steps (it’s not that hard but makes all the difference in the world.)



  11. Jane Lee says:

    Hi Kathryn:

    I just love stories like this. It just warms my heart that there are exceptional people out there that go above and beyond as well as that extra mile to take care of their customers. These are what you call the Super Stars.These are the sales people, customer service rep or rep that will have customers coming back for more and getting referrals from all their friends and families.

  12. Kathryn says:

    I believe that any time we go the extra mile for our readers and our lists it creates an opportunity for them to spread the word. If we go out of our way to provide good content… send people to other sites that could enhance our message… make ourselves available to our list through a valid e-mail address… give them help if they need it… or just answer questions…just to name a few…. I believe it will have viral impact. Perhaps not immediately… but little by little, it makes a difference.

    Connie Green of #blog30 is an example. She makes it a point to go the extra mile for her followers. By the way… she has a small list… and makes a very good income. She makes it a point to go the extra mile for her followers. I found Connie by word of mouth…. as so many others have.

  13. Stories like this really drive this point home about building a relationship with your customers.

  14. Rob Horlock says:

    Great story Kathryn which really makes the point well about ‘going the extra mile’

  15. What a great story! Could not stop reading it. Wanted to hear it all. Which proves the point that in marketing personal stories are so important.

    Mary Ann Pine

  16. Jane says:

    That story captured my attention – and drove an important point home about how positive word of mouth buzz is the best kind of marketing!