Swipe File – How Do I Use A Swipe File For Copywriting


Swipe file… What is a Swipe File and how do I use it.

When I heard that a “Swipe File” is a must when copywriting… it certainly sounded a little shaky to me.  What about online plagiarism?  Well after investigating a bit… I found that “Swipe Files” are perfectly legal.  Clearly, the word, “Swipe” is used just to get our attention.  Or is it?

First of allyou need to understand that individual words and short common phrases are not under copyright protection.  So… with that in mind, yes,  you can swipe words and phrases from other online copywriters without over stepping your bounds.

What Is A Swipe File? A collection of words and phrases that have been proven to generate sales!

From the beginning of time… copywriters have been collecting words or phrases that generate interest and captivate readers and bewitch them into purchasing products.

Copywriters take years to accumulate these collections and protect these secrets as if they were gold.  They are gold because they produce gold,  if used correctly.   An absolute factSo how can you get one?

Build Your Own Collection

Ever wondered why some ads are more persuasive than others?  Be alert when you see ads, whether they are online, in a magazine, billboard, or newspaper.  Observe… all ads promote or market a product or service.  Some are just more captivating.   Does the headline grab you?  If so, why? Write down headlines words or phrases and immediately use them in  your own promotional material.

Purchase A Collection

Copywriters are beginning to let the cat out of the bag.  What does all this mean?   If you’re wise… you will purchase any swipe file you can get your hands on because it will harness the power of your writing.

I obtained a copy of Hypnotic Writing Swipe File by one of a kind, hypnotic copywriter, Joe Vitale, a number of years ago.  This fantastic reference guide is invaluable and I would walk through fire to protect it.   It’s crammed full of over 15,000 words and phrases that will make your copywriting into an over night success. It covers every detail on how to use a “Swipe File.”

Believe me when I tell you, writing blog posts, sales letters and opt-in landing pages will become easier and more effective.

Here’s the bottom line… you should never be without a swipe file on your desk.  I can assure you, my Joe Vitale Hypnotic Writing Swipe File file never leaves my desk.  It’s one of the most valuable business purchases I’ve ever made.

Get A  Collection For Free

Just suppose you could get a couple of swipe files for free?   Shhhh! Newbie Lifeline offers three swipefiles for just your name and e-mail address.  Take advantage of this now before Sheila Atwood changes her mind and starts charging for them.

Unleash the power of your copywriting and get your hands on a Swipe file today!

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Did you notice? All the italic words and phrases are swiped from Joe Vitale’s hypnotic “Swipe File.”   You be the judge of this benefit!

P.P.S.  Remember… never swipe a headline exactly as it is written.  You can use words and phrases from the headline… then make the rest of the text your own.

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  1. My first swipe file was Joe’s Hypnotic Writing. Ever since then I have collected several swipe files. My latest is one of feel good videos.

  2. Well, I’ll be darned!

    I’ve been creating swipe files all along and I didn’t even know it. I’ve just been labeling them “idea” files and I have them categorized according to what the ideas are about.

    I can definitely see the need and the benefits to keeping your eyes peeled and swiping captivating words and phrases as you come across them. If professional copywriters do it, then it’s got to be a good habit for the rest of us, too!

    Revealing and awesome post, Kathy!

  3. Suzie Cheel says:

    Thanks for reminding me i have Joe’s CDs somehwere and I have started a swipe file since reading Sheila’s post on this in #blog30

  4. Woah! Finally an expert explanation to what a swipe file is! Awesome possum!

    Now that I think about it and after reading Melanie’s comment, my mother was doing the EXACT same thing … except with print ads. By the Gods! My mother was doing something so spectacular and awesome and I didn’t even know it!



  5. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for this information Kathryn; once again you’ve taught me something totally new. A swipe file sounds a lot like the notebook I keep for ideas. It is exciting to hear that not only do others do this (although probably far more efficiently lol) but there are pre-made ones available to give myself a kick-start!


    Keep Well,