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In your quest to make your site SEO friendly, you may be forgetting about an important element that will give a boost to your search engine ranking.  Photos… yes… photos.  You can give your blog SEO power with photos and images.

Photos and images enhance your posts and web sites.  However, the search engine spiders cannot read a photo, whether it’s in your header or in the body of your post.  Spiders can only read text.  So, how can you make a photo search engine friendly?

Before you place a photo into your site that you’ve taken with your own camera, give the image a keyword rich name.  It helps if the name goes along with the other keywords in your post… (although that may not always be possible.)  The same rule applies to any graphic you’ve designed.

I took this image and named it:  HotAirBalloons.jpg. (Simple)  Not something like… Balloons At 4th Of July Celebration 2010.  This last description may help me locate my photo in my personal files… but it does nothing for my SEO.

If you purchase a photo from a photo site, the downloaded photo title will often look something like this. 183k01.jpg.  Often the reference number or title that is attached to a purchased photo are linked to many different photos… depending upon the company you purchase them from.  So, using that number or description will not help your SEO.   Change it to a keyword rich name.   I named this photo PieApples.jpg (Remember to always read the agreement your image provider furnishes.)

If you name your photos properly…. your photo may end up in Google Images.  This Halloween Image came from Google Images.  (Read the user information that Googles provides for their Images.)  Check to see if an image from Google Images is copyright free before you use it for your own site.  Look for the absence of copyright strike or other copyright information on the photo image before you use it.


Google Images Information

Website for this image
•    Full-size image – Same size
560 × 427

This image may be subject to copyright.


This image was named Halloween1.jpg  If you notice… the website where this image came from is listed.  When you click the link, it will take you to the web page where this image is used.   You can take advantage of this also.  If your photos are properly labeled, folks can find your site through your images.

I did some research and found that most photos in Google Images are not under copyright restriction.  Most folks are happy when you use their photos for non-commercial use.  I have used a lot of Google Images before and have had no problem.  I have seen some of my personal images on Google Images and I’m thrilled to have others use them.  However, I have seen photos in Google Images that have a copyright strike on them… therefore, I don’t even consider downloading them.

I found this quote on a site called: Answers By IchtheosaurusRex:  “As a last word – there are millions upon millions of pictures on the Internet, and the odds are pretty good that no one will care if you use one for non-commercial purposes (like a personal blog).  If someone does care, they will most likely ask you nicely to take it down before taking any kind of legal action.”

Search engines love photos on blogs.  It tells them you give your readers extra special content.  So… take advantage of the photo images you use in your posts by giving them a name the spiders will love.

Success To Your Marketing and Promotion!

Til Later,

Kathy Griffiths

P.S.  There was a time when I didn’t label my photos correctly.  I’m doing so now… and finding photo search engine ranking benefits.

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  1. Kathy you have become the SEO queen! I am constantly amazed at all the great information you give out on this blog. I’m not using images like I should. This post makes that very clear! A BIG thank you for all the SEO information!

  2. Sudeep says:

    Hello Kathy,
    Thanks for your friend Sheila to refer me to this article. I have never thought about photo naming and SEO. I have always used photos that I hardly used to name , but I guess so now I would be extra careful in regards to that.
    Thanks for this wonderful article

  3. Kathy, I had to idea about the importance of labeling graphics with keywords until this was brought to my attention in a class approximately one month ago during a review of my blog. I’ve been doing since, but you’ve also added some clarity in your post and now I can clearly explain the value of doing so to others.

    Thank you for being such a Go-Giver in not only sharing valuable information but also breaking it down so it’s easy to understand.


  4. Tristan says:

    You made some great points here, Kathryn. I just read a book called The Truth About Search Engine Optimization, and it was mentioned in there that it’s better to have images further down on the page and not near the top. I doubt that it makes all that much of a difference and it’s probably worth it just to have something nice for your readers to look at, but it’s just something to think about, I guess.

  5. Boy, have I been a lazy bones about properly labeling photos I use on my blog. And you know me … I love to use clipart graphics 🙂

    I’ll second Martha’s and Yvonne’s remarks and add that your blog has become a one-stop shop for all the most pertinent pieces of the online marketing puzzle – SEO for sure.

    I always look forward to visiting and I can predict with 100% accuracy, before I even arrive, that something worthwhile is going to be staring me back in the face. Just know that you are appreciated, Kathy, and you’re helping all of your readers to become better experts at marketing and promoting.


  6. I am working with a photographer that had his site set up by someone who “knows SEO” and not one of his photos has been put on his site correctly.

    SEO is simple when you understand and put into action simple steps like this one.

    You are so good at explaining things. Thanks.

  7. Great information!
    I use my photos a lot on my blog listed here and also at but I did not realize about labels so much!
    Thanks Kathryn.


  8. Thanks for Clarifying the importance of alt tags. I read the same information that Tristan did about placing photos farther down on the page as Google spiders will read text first.

  9. Noriane E. says:

    Thanks for the great advice, Kathy! I didn’t realize it was important to give the actual file a desciptive name. I’ve been stuffing my meta tags with keywords but my files’ names have kept whatever numbers my camera gave them. Off to go change all my file names. Thanks so much!

  10. Noriane E. says:

    Thanks for the great advice, Kathy! I didn’t realize it was important to give the actual file a desciptive name. I’ve been stuffing my meta tags with keywords but my files’ names have kept whatever numbers my camera gave them. Off to go change all my file names. Thanks so much!