Passion Vs Purpose | What Motivates You?


I’ve been a thinkin’…. Am I motivated by “passion” or “purpose?”

First off…. let’s look at the definitions of Passion and Purpose… and compare!

Passion: Strong and barely controllable emotion.  A thing arousing enthusiasm.

Purpose: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists  A person’s sense of resolve or determination.


So many online marketing Gurus espouse the virtues of “passion.”   The say,  “Find what you’re passionate about… what you love…  and build a niche around that passion.”  Hmmm!  What if your passion is “collecting golf balls.”  For some reason… I don’t think a niche in “collecting golf balls” is sustainable for long term income.

In fact.. I think a lot of online newbies get caught in a “passion” trap.  No one ever tells them that no one is going to be googling “collecting golf balls.” (Actually 240 people do…. but you get what I mean.)

If passion is the foundation for an online business…I think a lot of folks are out of luck.  Passion can come and go.


Last week, I attended a business seminar.  The speaker spoke about “purpose.”  What he said, makes much more sense.  We should be building our businesses based on a “Purpose.”  What do we see for ourselves long after our business is gone?  Purpose… not passion becomes the driving force for getting up in the morning and preforming our business tasks.

My former boss had a vision… “purpose.”  He wanted to earn enough money so he could purchase land and build a Boy Scout Training Center.  It was that “purpose” that drove him in his craft business to become a millionaire… by several times.

By the time he was 47, he had succeeded.  Not only did he purchase land and build a Boy Scout  Training Center… but he travels to Africa several times a year to fund and physically help build schools to education poor children.

Not that he wasn’t passionate about his business… he was.

He loved the craft and gift industries.  He was good at what he did and became a leader in his business circle.  Now and again, he drops into his former business (that he sold) just to feel the excitement of new product development.  However,  his passion for crafts and gifts is not what drove him… it was his purpose that kept him motivated.

So… with all this in mind… I think a lot of online marketers could become motivated or passionate about many niches… as long as the niche gave them enough long term sustainable income to help them reach their purpose.

The trick is… finding ones own personal purpose.

Til later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  I think we need to turn the terminology around… and encourage our clients to find their “Purpose”… then everything else will take care of itself.

What Do You Think?

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  1. Oh, thank heavens you posted this! My passions are all of the nerdy variety. It’s quite alarming. I can do Purpose ever so much better! Purpose, purpose, purpose. Got it. Off to work. I just committed myself to write three “almost perfect” articles TODAY and now maybe they’ll be on Purpose so this concept gets cemented into my brain cells. Whee!

  2. So often our purposes can be thwarted so many times that it becomes hard to see what our basic purpose is.

    How many times to you hear of dreams being dashed because the dream does not fit the norm. Or the dream will not support a family, or the dream would be too hard to attain. So we settle for what others think we should be doing.

    It is no wonder our passion for attaining our purpose is lost. Purpose gets lost.

    Life and the intentions of others can get in the way of our basic purpose.

    So how do we get back on track when life and the intentions of others get in the way….Rekindle your purpose.

  3. Kathryn, great article. I think there needs to be a mix of both. We all have a purpose, we just need to find it, and when you do you will become passionate about moving forward toward it.

    Passion and Purpose go hand in hand.

  4. Suzie Cheel says:

    I like this post, great discussion. I was discussing this at the weekend after all my passion post and cam up with the question- are you living on purpose? yes passion can come and go, so can purpose I believe-
    For some people finding their passion helps them establish their purpose. I alos am aware that not knowing what you purpose is can stop one moving forward, sometimes even procrastination sets in.
    You have used another word that can be synonymous too- that of vision

    I do like the distinctions you have made- food for thought

  5. Very thought provoking. I am passionate about helping people to make a living from their home computer. My purpose in doing this is to be able to have time and financial freedom to do what I am passionate about. These two do seem to go hand in hand.

  6. Lisa Raymond says:

    Great article, Kathryn! I agree with Mike; there should be a mix of both passion and purpose, one guiding the other through the journey. So many business owners I know might answer their purpose is to make income, which would be correct, but is that enough purpose to drive a business to succeed?