Now, I know you came to this page to find out how to keep your Google Page Rank from bleeding to death or at least from losing substantial link juice… and we’ll get to that….  But First!

How Google Page Rank Works!

Google uses an algorithm to measure the importance of each page on your blog.  It’s one of the many factors that the search engines use to determine where your page or web site appears in the search results.

Your web site has a maximum amount of PageRank.  The PR is distributed between all the pages of your site.

The more pages you have in your site… the higher the Page Rank is for your over all web site.  (It’s like having 1 point per page, so to speak)  Therefore, an older active web site would naturally have  greater maximum PageRank for the entire site than one that has only a few pages or posts.

Google Page Rank In The Beginning

In the beginning, page rank was measured by keyword density.  However, people learned they could game the system by repeating the same keywords over and over again.. thus… getting a high Page Rank for that page.

So… Google changed the game plan.

How To Improve Google Page Rank

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Twitter Rules… what Twitter rules? Yes, Twitter has rules but digging through all the information on their site can be time consuming… and frankly… a bit confusing because they don’t post all of their expectations.

And, yes.. Twitter aggressively monitors all Twitter accounts and will not hesitate in shutting an account down if their rules are violated.

It’s also wise to take note of Twitter etiquette if you are building a follower list.

The following video will explain the basic rules and etiquette in a way that you can understand.

In the next few minutes, you’re going to learn:

  • How can you get the best response from your followers?
  • What are the limits?
  • What is being too aggressive?
  • What behavior will put your account in dangerous territory?

Balance is the secret to staying in good graces with Twitter and your followers.

Happy Tweeting!

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S. I make an real effort to follow the basic Twitter rules by making sure my numbers are in balance with each other.

Comment below.

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Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and the expression of gratitude for the blessings I’ve received this past year.

One reason it has been a remarkable year, is because of all the fine folks I have met on the Internet through my business.

By participating in several blog challenges and following interesting people on twitter, I’ve come to appreciate all the wonderful people there are though out the world, who are so willing to share and help others.

I have benefited from much generosity.

As my expression of gratitude… I would like to share a Thanksgiving gift with you.

I have designed a Thanksgiving place setting card that you can download, print and share with your family and friends on Thanksgiving day.

At our dinner table, I plan to place a card by each place setting.

This Thanksgiving printable was inspired by a poem by Grace Noll Crowell (1877 – 1967)  One of her most famous poems is named, “Because I Have Been Given Much.”  Music was set to this poem and has been included in the hymnals of many denominations.

Simply click on the link below for your free Thanksgiving printable.

Thanksgiving Printable

Thanks to all those who have been supportive in reading, commenting and retweeting my blog.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Til Later,

Kathy Griffiths

P.S.  You are more than welcome to share this Thanksgiving printable with family and friends.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful. What do you think?

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How relevant are blog images to the over all success of your post?

They can be pretty important if your blog images are used with a planned goal in mind.  However, avoid using images or stock photos just for the sake of placing an image on your site.

Have a purpose in mind.

Blog Images Create Focus

A blog pic and well constructed title can immediately grab your readers awareness.   They should give strength to each other.  A well chosen photo or image and title will direct the attention of your reader to the subject you’re about to discuss in your content.

Tristen Higbee, of Blogging Bookshelf,  got my attention with this title and photo.  When I looked at this image … my first thought was… “Been there… done that.”  I immediately wanted to read the content of the blog.

Blog Images Entertain

In addition to blog pics to focus your reader’s attention, you can entertain.  Melanie Kessell, of Solo Mompreneur, uses cartoon designer images to enhance her posts.  Her selections, not only give you an idea what the content is about… they are ingenious and entertaining.  The minute I go to her blog, I looked to see what the clever title and image she has selected and how they support her content.

Blog Images Create Curiosity

I love the images that Sheila Atwood, of Newbie Lifeline, uses on her blog.  She cleverly uses old photos and vintage  images to create interest.  I’m always curious as to how she will tie the blog image to the content of her post.  (Which she always does beautifully.)   The vintage blog pics has become one of the hallmarks of her blog… and I look forward to them.

Blog Images Create Additional Understanding

Photos are not the only post enhancement you can use.  Graphs and charts can be used to support your text information.

Ana Hoffman, of  Traffic Generation Cafe, used this image to illustrate the power of a new plugin she is using.   Is there any doubt about the effectiveness of this plugin she is writing a review about?   This blog image is one of those classics that measures up to the old saying, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.”

Don’t Shy Away

Blog pics and images can add value to your post and increase it’s authenticity.  Don’t shy away from using them if they can enhance your content message.  Just remember to use them with purpose and focus.

Til later,
Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  I’m a visual learner… so I enjoy blog images in posts.  For me… load it up.

P.P.S.  How important do you think blog images are to a post?

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Having a blog photo of yourself on your site will help you to build a solid relationship with your readers.  It might not be quite enough to have a photo on just your “About Page” in order to build a strong bond with your followers.

However,  you may not want to have your wonderful face at the top… or even in the sidebar of your blog.

I have located a wonderful alternative.  It gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself as well as have a photo so folks can form a visual tie with you.  This is a “signature box” feature and it can be placed at the bottom of your posts.

I’ve seen signature boxes on the bottom of articles and also in forums.  Now there is a WordPress plug in that allows you to have a signature box on your own blog site.  It’s called “FT Signature Manager” and it’s freeeee.

Using this wp plugin will kill two birds with one stone.  Not only do your readers get to see what you look like, you have an opportunity to toot your own horn with a bio.

Internet Marketer, Mike Paetzold, shared this WordPress plug in information with me and I’m delighted to share it with you.  Mike has this feature on the bottom of several of his sites.

Go to Mike Paetzold’s site, scroll to the bottom and take a look.  You can see the “FT Signature Manager” wp plugin used in full context.

I think it works well on this particular site because the top of his blog is so full of valuable information that there’s not room for a photo of Mike to appear.

There you go… Now there’s no reason why you can’t have your smiling face somewhere on your blog where all your readers can get to know you better.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.   I have not taken advantage of this wp plugin because my blog photo is in the header.  However, when I change the look of my blog…it will be a real consideration.                   .

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Establishing Online credibility begins the moment someone enters  your web site.   Just as in the off line world, it may take time to build trust in the relationship so folks feel comfortable about doing business with you.

Internet credibility is important to me… and you lose credibility with me when you…….

Don’t Use Your Name

I don’t like going to a site, a opt-in page or sales page where the name of the person is no where to be found.  “Who are you… and can you be trusted?”

I’m turned off by people who don’t reveal their name.  I don’t mind if they also use a “handle”… but their personal name takes priority with me.

When I first came on line, I was encouraged to brand myself with a catchy little “handle.”  It was “the thing” at the time.  Fortunately, I used my personal name along with my “handle” to establish my identity.   Hopefully, both have been established.

Darren Rowse, also known as ProBlogger, has successfully established both his name and his handle.   Because both names are well known, his other niche sites benefit from using just his personal name.

No way am I going to follow your blog, sign into an opt-in box or purchase something from you if your name is “Bunny Love,” or “Web Hawk.”  (In fact… I’ll never buy anything from “Bunny Love” because I don’t take you seriously.)

Don’t Have A Photo Of Yourself

I’m surprised how many well known bloggers don’t have a photo of themselves on their blogs.  There’s an absence of that personal touch.  I always feel a little bereft when I go to a site and can’t see a smiling face.

Seeing a photo of you helps create a feeling of trust and I bond with you better.   I don’t feel that you’re hiding something.  After all… aren’t you trying to build an open relationship with me?

Remembering a name is not my greatest asset.  But, seeing a photo of you… rather than your pet or an icon… will help me recognize you again when your photo appears on twitter, or other social media.  I perk up and pay attention.  Your photo on a opt-in page and sales page also helps me remember you better.

If You’re Not Transparent and Available

If I have a problem or want to ask a question, it’s disheartening to have to search all over to find out how you can be contacted.  I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops in order to get a problem resolved.

I can’t imagine an offline retail business selling a product and then having their support personal in the basement behind 5 lock doors with a phone that doesn’t work.

In other words… don’t make it hard for me to contact you.  I promise I won’t bug you… just answer my question and I’ll be on my way.  So… if there is no easy and reliable way to reach you… you’ll never see a dime of my money.

If You’re Not Honest

There is so much online nonsense going.  What makes folks think they can get by with not being honest?  I’m sure there are a few shysters that have slipped through the cracks… but news travels fast… and eventually they’re gone.

If you say that your product is going to be taken down at a certain time and I see it even one day after the deadline… it will be the last time I buy.  You’re credibility is broken.

If you charge me $97.00 for a product… and then reduce the price or I see it at as bonus later on… purchasing  from you again will be non-existent.

If your claims are over the top, the “Buy Now” button will never be clicked.   Don’t insult my intelligence by claiming I can make a million dollars in 30 days if I purchase your $600.00 within the next 10 minutes.

If You’re Rude

Several years ago, I purchase a product and the download link didn’t work.  I had to follow a very lengthy trail to locate the seller… in fact it took me several days of research.  So, when I finally found a working e-mail, I expressed how difficult it had been to get this issue resolved.

I did get a download link… but also a note that told me to go to “H….”   I have noticed that this individual is no longer in business.  Hmmmmm  I wonder why?

Please don’t make me an example of “what not to do” on one of your Webinars…. especially when the other participants know who you’re talking about.

Also, after I’ve spent money with you, been in one of your membership sites, don’t ignore me or treat me rudely when I approach you at a seminar.

(Oh… there you go… running to catch up with your Guru buddies who are on their way to lunch…. leaving me behind with my mouth open and my purse shut.)

Online Credibility Is Easy

I actually think internet credibility is easy.  Just treat others as you would like to be treated.  Hmmmm..  Where have I heard that before?

Online Promotion and Marketing!

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Well… there’s my little rant for today.  Actually, I’ve found most Internet Marketers to be wonderful honest people.  But, for those who are not… I find it easy to take charge.  I can stop following them…opt out of their  list, and ignore the “Click Here” button.

P.P.S.  Let me know what triggers your “Online Credibility Button” by making a comment below.

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