Online Webinar And Teleseminars | Friend Or Foe?


Is an Online Webinar or Teleseminar a friend or foe?

Webinars and Teleseminars are becoming a popular mode for marketers to teach and sell product.  You can sign up for a webinar or teleseminar for nearly every day and night of the week. Often time, you have the opportunity to attend several events in a day. It’s easy to become a “Webinar – Teleseminar Junkie.”

If one is not cautious, they can easily become an escape from being productive. They can rob you of precious time, especially if you don’t implement what you learn.  Webinars and teleseminar…  like e-books…  can be over done.

Webinars and teleseminars are very useful and helpful mediums.  They add another dimension to learning… which is auditory and visual.  You generally have the opportunity to ask questions.  If you use them wisely, they can one of the greatest sources of marketing and technology education.

Be Selective

Be selective about webinars and teleseminars you’re involved with.  Select those that have a particular subject or purpose in mind.  For instance, if you need help with list building, watch the webinar that is going to teach that information… then put what you learn into action.

Some marketers will offer “Ask me anything,” webinars or teleseminars which provide a great opportunity for you to get your questions answered.  It’s important for you know up front what the format will be, so you can choose to participate or not.

Avoid being involved with “willy nilly” webinars where the host doesn’t have a plan for some type of education in mind.  They can turn out to be just chat sessions.

Remember to put in to practice what you learn on the webinar or teleseminar.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

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  1. Kathryn: Again, great advice on being selective in what you let into your precious space of time.

    As a frequent teleseminar provider and info junkie, that’s a great tip.


  2. Thanks Kathryn, I’ve recently done my first webinar and I really enjoyed it. I’ll be taking your tips on board for future events and making sure that my listeners/viewers get some really useful tools to put into practise right away.
    Heather xx

  3. What a good idea for those who do webinars. What is your call to action? What have you taught that your listeners can go and do right now?

    Now that I look at it those are the type of Webinars I like to attend.

  4. Suzie Cheel says:

    That is so true, How many downloads etc are onmy hard drive that I have yest to act on.
    Now I have become so selective and only go on ones that are related to what I am working on, both personal and business.

    I like your idea for selecting ones you will come away something you can put nto action NOW

  5. Great info! For the givers and receivers of teleseminars and webinars. Info is exactly that. It’s up to us to decide whether we spend the time and energy on it.

  6. Tony Denson says:

    Coming to this from the other side of the table. The media tools that I have available allow marketers to get webinar time for their launches without having to pay the monthly premiums of major webinar networks. Your post is excellent information for me to pass on to new marketers for their increased success. Once again my friend you have given so much more value than you can possibly know.