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Twenty years ago, I was sitting in a seminar… with the intent of “getting my head on straight.”  You know… one of those “fix you up” seminars that was so popular in the 80’s and 90’s.  (If you don’t remember them… be grateful… you’re a “young pup.”)

One of the most profound lessons I learned didn’t have anything to do with the agenda of the seminar.  But, it was one of those “ah ha” moments that has stayed with me, and I think about often.

“Can You “Be There” For Them?”

One of the rules of the seminar was:  No side talking.  When the instructor was working with an individual in front of the whole group, there was to be no side talking or whispering.

Opps… some one forgot and began whispering to her neighbor.  The facilitator stopped, turned to the offending party and said, “Can you be there for……..?”

It was an interesting way to say, “Can get over yourself and respect and support this person by paying attention and caring about what’s going on?”

Online respect can take on many faces…. but one face is… “Be There For Them.”

  • Be Nice: Have an e-mail address that works so you or your staff can answer any e-mails that come your way immediately.   If you get an e-mail that is rude… respond in a respectful way.  Most the time, it’s a misunderstanding that can be cleared up quickly.
  • Comment On Blogs: Don’t be stingy about commenting on other blogs. If someone comments on your blog, respond with a comment on their blog.  Be respectful when making comments and add to the conversation.  You can offer a different point of view, but do it as an addition to the information.  It’s not the time to be controversial.
  • Tweet Twitters: Support others by retweeting post announcements, and other content you think your list would benefit by.  Avoid getting into twitter battles.  If someone makes a rude comment to or about you… let it go and move on.
  • Acknowledge: When you can acknowledge or support your customers, competitors, and friends by announcing an event, contest etc… do so.  It’s always nice to feel you have the support of others.  When they do something wonderful… let them know.
  • Be Helpful: When every possible, be helpful.  Let your customers, and followers know that you are available to support them in anyway that would make their business or life a little easier.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Online respect?  Remember the little “golden rule” your mama taught you?   “Say… please and thank you… and do unto others……..”   Sometimes, I forget and I have to be reminded.

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  1. Jeff Wise says:

    Great post Kathryn! I enjoyed reading each of your bullet points. Great reminders. I know that I can improve in each of those areas.

  2. Great advice on “being there!” Especially regarding comments on other people’s blogs. Remember, it’s about THEIR blog so be nice and don’t try and promote your own products when writing comments. If the reader is interested in what you are saying, they will find you. That’s what I call “being there.” Having respect for the other person.

    Fantastic post! (as usual!)

  3. It would be laughable that people should be reminded of common courtesy. But being rude or creating controversy just to bug someone seems to be the order of the day.

    I like how you have used “be there for them” as a way of looking at how we treat others online.

  4. Grace Hodgin says:

    I agree with you 100%. If you can’t be supportive in these area then you certainly aren’t proving that you can be supportive in your business dealings.
    Nice Article,

  5. Mandy Allen says:

    Great post. I completely agree with responding to your readers comments, and visiting other blogs in return. It’s always nice to know how what is written is being received so I do encourage comments but often find I get a lot of visitors that do not comment. I wonder why? May be they are people who just like to read. I always respond to comments left so would hope that encourages people to leave a public comment.

    Enjoy the journey.


  6. Great reminders and I hope lots of people read this post to brush up their manners. 🙂 Some of the worst offenders seem to be people who think they are invisible because they are online and they leave abusive and crude comments at Youtube videos or news article sites where you can add in your reaction.