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“Oh my… you mean to tell me, it’s okay to have misspelled words for SEO purposes?  Creative Copywriting?  Are you nuts?”  That’s what I thought when I first heard of the concept.

Let me explain.

You have to understand… writing on the web is a different animal than copy writing for a text book.  You’re not only writing for an audience, you’re writing for “Google.”  That’s what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about.

There has always been the debate on who you should be pleasing… your reader… or Google.  I say… why not both!  That is, unless you have 121,604 subscribers reading your blog and 56,000 twitter followers like “Copyblogger” has.  If that’s the case, you could avoid SEO strategies all together if you wanted to, because Google already loves you.

But, most bloggers, or copy writers, are working to create a strong following and become well known.  So, SEO is an important strategy.

Misspelled Words For SEO

If you are not looking up key words before you start every blog post or article, you should be.  Keyword research will help you zero in on a title that will be keyword rich.  It will also help find key words you can salt your main text with.

Now… go back and and read the paragraphs above and notice my spelling mistakes.  The word: copywriting shows up as an error every time I type it into my WordPress blog format or in Ezine.

However, according to my key word search,  368,000 people “Google” copywriting every month compared to 40,500 folks who “Google” copy writing.  So… why not use both and collect all the folks to want to know about it.

Same with the word: keyword… which has 1,500,000 “Goggle” searches compared to 165,000 who “Googled,  key word. Here’s another illustration: copywriters: 4,500, compared to  copy writers: 3,600.

Here’s a fun example.
The correct spelling of the word, Pillsbury, has 823,000 searches.  And, the misspelled word, Pilsbury has 40,000 searches per month.  If you spell the word incorrectly, you can pick up 40,000 people who “Googled” the misspelled word.  And, it has far less competition.

Now… I know you don’t want to look foolish and uneducated… but when you can discretely slip in a misspelled word and pick up additional “Google” keyword searches, by all means do so.

I don’t know about you… but I appreciate all the SEO ranking I can get.  I know I can please my readers and still attract more readers if I play my creative copyrwriting cards right.  And, if that means slipping in a few misspelled words here and there… I’m game.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.   Creative copywriting can also include playing with words like: online and  on line… or, blogging, and bloging. If you do keyword searches, you will find others subtle misspelled words that can work to your advantage.

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  1. I do use this tactic.

    For example: copy writing is the correct version but I often use copywriting because people search for that term.

    Google is still number one when people search to buy. Learning how to do a good keyword search is easy. Plus there are great tools out there too.

  2. This a great idea! I remember somewhere in some internet marketing training … but I brushed it off as a stupid idea. But not having grown and you awesomeingly (not a word, I know) reminding us I’ll do it!

    I loved your idea of keyword research before any blog post. It’s an interesting idea and it’ll probably be very useful!

    Much thanks!

  3. Great strategy, Kathy!

    I notice certain words spelled differently all the time but I never imagined those various spellings as an SEO tactic. Thanks for passing along this little gem of a tip!

    Very helpful info,


  4. Grace Hodgin says:

    Thanks for the tip! You are right in that the misspelling is not that noticeable.