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Video is one of the best internet marketing tools you can use to boost your online presence and drive traffic to your blog or opt-in page.   If your video is useful to viewers, other online marketers will pick it up and put it on their site.   It’s great exposure!

Here are 7 video production tips I want to pass a long to you.  These tips come from my own experience of producing videos for another niche… and making a few mistakes.

7 Video Production Tips:

1.  Have everything in place before you start the camera rolling.  Fumbling around getting organized after the camera is rolling can confuse your viewer.

2.  Keep distractions like background noises at a minimum.  No one wants to hear conversation, a dog barking or a child crying in the background.

3.  Try and be as natural as possible.  My first videos are hilarious as I appear a stiff as a board.  However, the more videos I produced, the more relaxed I became.  (I still have trouble seeing myself on camera.  But… if your in the Internet marketing business, you have to swallow your pride… especially when it comes to making a video.

4.  Keep in mind your background… or what’s behind you.   An unkempt office, or kitchen can distract your viewers and dilute your message.

5.  Don’t be afraid to stop the camera and start over again.   You can always cut out unwanted sections of your video during the editing process.

6.  Always introduce yourself as well as your web site at the beginning of your video and at the end.  Saying it verbally as well has having written text on the screen reinforces who you are and where you can be found.

7.  Ignore all of the above if it keeps you from taking action and getting a video online.  The more videos you produce, the more you will improve.  In this day and age… with the popularity of YouTube…  no one expects a Hollywood production.  Do the best you can and improve as you go along.

Video in your particular niche is a powerful Internet marketing tool to publicize your product or blog and it promotes you as an expert in your field of expertise.

Start the camera rolling!

Happy video marketing and production!

Til later,

Kathryn Griffiths

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  1. I remember those first videos, pretty funny….but you still get tons of views and comments.

    I would also add SMILE is makes a big difference in how you come across and it helps you to relax

  2. Jeff Wise says:

    Something I found with videos for my online business is that it gives people a look into who I really am. Can I be trusted just with words and a signature? Maybe, but video has something powerful in the way of getting a sense of who someone is.