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Every online marketer wants to be at the top of Google so their website can be easily found.  And… just how does Google find us?  The key is “Keywords” or “Keyword Phrases.”  Every time someone types in a word or a string of words into the Google Search Box, the search engine goes to work.  It looks for those exact words or phrases, scanning millions of web sites.

Wise online marketers spend time implementing keyword search strategy by looking up key words and phrases, using a Keyword Search Tool.  They learn exactly which words are popular and how many times a word or phrase is requested.

When they write a post on their website, or write an article, they make sure to use popular keywords in their text so the search engines will find them.   In other words, they make their content, keyword rich.

This is known as Keyword Search Marketing.  This keyword search strategy will work to bring people, who want your particular information, to your site.  It’s important to use the exact words in your content that you discover in your search.

You may be interested in knowing that Google doesn’t read the text in your site or article content.  It reads patterns.  For instance…. if someone types “niche marketing,” into the search box, the search engine immediately goes to work.  It scans the entire internet to find the sites that have that exact pattern in their content.

This is what it would look like:


There are a number of  search engines that search web sites.  The top three are Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  I generally use “Google KeyWord External” for my keyword and keyword praise search.

Keyword tools are accessible for you to conduct your keyword search strategy.  I prefer Google’s free keyword tool.  However, there are others available.  All you have to do is “Google” “free keyword tool” and you’ll find plenty of offerings.

“Market First… Then Promote”

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Consider Keywords research as the “Blueprint” of your online marketing.

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  1. Excellent article Kathryn. As a business strategist this seems to be one of the best kept secrets in my clients worlds. So many people are online but have absolutely no idea about how to improve their search ranking. Thanks for writing this article!

    Michele Scism, The Results Lady

  2. Sally K says:

    Thanks for this insight! A different perspective makes this clearer to me, and I know keyword research is something to get good at.

    Market first, then promote…I’m putting that up on my wall!

  3. Hi Kathryn, lovely to connect with you via the 30 day blog challenge.
    I’m just setting up a new blog to help build self esteem and confidence in children and I need to keep in mind your wise words about keyword research. It’s no use me having all this useful stuff, if no-one can find me! LOL Thank you
    love & best wishes
    Heather x

  4. Good info, Kathryn!

    It makes total sense if you’re aiming to get to the “top” in the search engines. As important as it is, I must admit that I really don’t focus much on keywords when I’m writing a blog post, for example. I write for my audience and speak to them through my content as if I was talking to my best friend.

    Sometimes when I set out to include critical keywords, it feels a little “forced” or fabricated. Know what I mean? I’m sure there are ways to get around that.

    Hope you’ll have tons of fun during the 30-day blogging challenge!


  5. Cool post about keywords! And so rich with keyword information about keywords. I’m so happy to finally understand that keywords and keyword rich posts will help my blogs!
    Do you think I understand this keyword rich post about keywords? LOL

  6. That’s a great tip about pattern indexing by Google. I for one thought the Google search bot read the entire webpage. Thanks for the great info.

  7. That’s a great tip about pattern indexing by Google. I for one thought the Google search bot read the entire webpage. Thanks for the great info.

    Nice to meet you on the blog30 challenge.

  8. Karen says:

    Yes, I search for keywords to start each article title and blog post I write. Some do better than others, of course, but at least I know someone’s looking for that phrase and I’m not writing a useless piece. I like the idea of keywords as a blueprint. Thank you!

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  10. I know marketers that do not worry about keywords….I figure why not do it all.

    Understanding and learning keywords has paid off for me. I have a new niche site that made it to the top of Google in just a week for the main keywords I was using. Then I was writing a blog post and wanted to find out the botanical name for the plant I was writing about…turns out I was ranked #2 for that plant.

    It is worth it to learn how to find keywords and how to use them. The more you use your key word tools the faster you become.