Keyword Rich Content For The Best SEO Ranking


Writing keyword rich content for the best SEO ranking can be easy if you know a few simple seo strategies.

Keyword Research:

Before you begin writing a blog post or article, conduct a search by using a Keyword search tool. (I prefer Google keyword external.)

Start your search by entering the single keyword you’re looking for.  Also, examine all the words that are relevant to your main keyword including keyword phrases that will give you the best seo ranking.

That means… don’t always use words that are highly searched.  Include words in your content that don’t have high search volume.   As long as they are relevant to your main keyword it helps your seo ranking.   It’s much less competition for seo placement.

Keyword Rich Title

If you do nothing else… start with a keyword rich title.  Clever catchy titles are fun to read but they do nothing for your seo ranking.   And remember, the content of your article should always support your title.

Keyword Placement:

Your keyword placement is important.   Make sure your title keywords are in first couple of sentences of your post or article.  I generally try to include them in the first sentence.  Scatter and repeat relevant keywords through out the body of your text.

End your post or article with your title keywords again.  They can be in the last paragraph or in a post script.  I generally place them in the P.S. of my post.   I have made it a habit to always include a post script  because research has shown that folks always read the P.S.

Here’s to your seo placement!

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  I have used bold type in the body of my post so you can see my keyword use.   I want you to have the best keyword rich content for the best seo ranking as possible.

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  1. I also like using Google Keyword External. One of the best things I have learned about this tool is that the list is sorted by relevance.

    For example, if you looked up block party, you would find that there are 450,000 global searches. Then the most relevant terms are listed next…block party ideas- ultimate block party etc. Remember these are the terms that Google thinks are the most relevant.

    Using the relevant terms not only makes your site rank better in SEO, but it can make your post read better for your viewers.

    You are absolutely right, you have listed simple strategies….but they are so effective.

  2. Tony Denson says:

    You did a good job even on editing your permalink to reflect your primary article keyword

    Keep going on your writing. Brad Callen is The MAN for SEO

  3. Good info Kathryn! I’m still getting the hang of this keyword thing…incorporating them properly into your WordPress blog posts with All-In-One-Seo plug-in can be somewhat tricky!
    Especially making your post title’s attractive AND include the relevant keywords without making them a bit awkward…

    Mtn Jim

    p.s. I use Market Samurai to figure out what keywords to use–it’s awesome!

  4. Karen says:

    Nice roundup, especially with the keyword phrases in bold as a teaching tool. I use these techniques. It’s surprising sometimes which articles or posts take off in popularity and which don’t. I can’t explain what makes one more viral. I suppose no one can, or they’d have a product for it!

  5. Thanks for a well-written and easy to understand post about keywords and SEO ranking. I am just delving into this arena for my blog and this was a tremendous help.

  6. Kathryn says:

    Michelle, I’m glad that this post was helpful. I’ve been using SEO strategies for my blogs for several years now and now have one blog that gets many readers with very little effort on my part. It all comes organically from Google… so I know SEO works.