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How do you choose keywords for the best seo strategies?  Actually the the process is quite simple… and I’m going share with you some secrets on how you can select good keywords that will bring more seo traffic to your web pages.

I’m going make some suggestions on how you can find the best keywords for your title and for your text.  For my examples, I’m going avoid the “online marketing niche” go into a smaller niche.

SEO Keyword tool

There are several good seo Keyword tools available.  Some are free and some you will have to pay for.  I’ve used both and found that Google Keyword External is very good and it’s free.  Make sure it’s “External.”

Using The Tool

Log in and put your main key word into your search box.  An entire list of relevant key words or keyword suggestions will show up below your selection. (I like to search by relevance.)

This Is What I Found For My Subject:

1.  Main key word:  Dill Pickles         Searches:  60,500

I looked through all the keywords that were listed and I wrote down the ones that fit my subject the best.

2.  Here’s the trick.  I always search for keywords that don’t have extremely high searches.  I search from the middle to the low range for my “Title Keyword.”

Why would I want to compete with 60,000 others for the main keyword.

Here Is My Selection That Fits My Post The Best

Dill Pickles                 60,500
Sour Pickles                  9,000
Canning Dill Pickles            3,600
Dill Pickle Canning            1,900
Genuine Dill Pickles             1000
Dill Pickle Canning Recipe        720
Cucumber Dill Pickles        390

The relevant key words to my main keyword were not listed in this order… there were many keyword suggestions in between.  But, these fit my post the best.

Guess which one I chose for my title?

Dill Pickle Canning – Dill Pickle Canning Recipe

Then I used all of the other relevant keywords in my text including Dill Pickles…. which has the most competition.

Another secret is… don’t over use one key word in your text.  Google and Ezine frown upon it.

In fact… Ezine will turn down your article if they think you have packed your article with one main keyword just for seo ranking.  It doesn’t sound natural.  They want relevant key words to be included in your text along with your main keyword.  So does Google.

Now, if you want to see how this all worked out… go see what I did with my keywords in a Dill Pickle Canning post.  I used every one of my selected keywords in this short post.

How did I do?

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Go for it… Do your keywords search before you write every post.  And, make sure you use relevant keywords for best seo strategies.

P.P.S.  “Online Money Making” has high searches and high competition.  You’ll have to be very selective in the keywords you choose.

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  1. I noticed you also used your keywords as anchor text for the sites you linked to.

    This looks like a very simple method of using keywords. Your post makes complete sense for readers and even made the second page of Google in a tough arena.

  2. Oh my gosh! What a fabulous technique you have developed! Thanks so much for sharing! I know I don’t pay attention enough to keywords but you have made it friendly and simple. Thanks!

  3. Ooo great tips! I’ve read a bunch about that specific technique. Sadly, I’ve never gotten around to using it for my own posts. Bumers.

    On the bright side, you’ve reminded me of things I really should be doing! Awesome tips!


  4. Kathryn says:

    I started using SEO several years ago on another blog. Most of my traffic for that blog comes by way of seo… which I consider to be “effortless traffic.” I don’t have to continually go after it.

  5. Dennison Uy says:

    Thanks for the quick tip. I notice that you repeated the keyword twice in your headline. How does this affect your ranking, if it does at all? For example:

    Dill Pickle Canning – Dill Pickle Canning Recipe
    Dill Pickle Canning Recipe

    Second question: how do search engines treat prefix / suffixes?

    Dill Pickle Canning Recipe
    Dill Pickles Uncanning Recipes

    Final question: how do search engines treat words in between your keywords?

    Say, for example, I would like to do something like:

    What I love about dill pickle and my favorite chicken canning recipe

    Perhaps it’s a little extreme, but I hope you got the point that I am trying to illustrate.