Just How Important Are Meta Tags For SEO?


Meta Tags:  How important are they in the over all SEO strategy for your blog?  Well, according to Google… not at all.

Let Me Explain

When I first came online a number of years ago… Meta Tags were considered the premiere way to get attention from the search engines.  My mentor spent a lot of time teaching me the “ins and outs” of using meta tags so I could be found by Google and ranked high.

I was taught how to spy on sites similar to my own.  I looked to see what meta tags folks were using so I could use the same or similar keywords in my meta tag.

Since that time… Google has abandoned looking at meta tags to rank blogs, because folks abused the tags.  Webmasters filled the meta tag area with 10 to 30 keywords…just to impress the search engines… whether they were relevant or not.  Apparently the search engines weren’t impressed.  At least Google wasn’t

Google considered it “keyword stuffing” or “spamming” and abandoned looking at meta tags for SEO purposes altogether.

Now the most important tag is your “Title Tag”… which directly connects your home page and each individual post to the content that’s being delivered.

In other words… your content must be relevant to your “Title Tag.”  Google’s  algorithms are so sophisticated that the spiders can not only pick up your main keywords, and related keyword phrases, but they can pick up words that are related in subject matter.  Hard to fool Google these days.

Don’t take my word for it…. here’s the information right from Google’s mouth… Matt Cutts… Google’s Spam Eradicator.

Click and watch this 2 minute  video.

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Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  This is my last post on tags.  If you missed my other posts …. What are “Post Tags?” Purpose of “Title Tags?” And, how to write “Title Tags”… click on the links be informed.

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  1. I remember this was mentioned at an SEO conference I attended. The speaker said not to use the meta tags for the reason you mentioned….spying. Why give your competition all of your work.

  2. Wow! I did NOT know this! Thanks for the info. As usual, you are one smart and informed cookie 🙂