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All of us who are in Internet Marketing appreciate a bit of support now and again.  That’s what has been so wonderful about the recent “30 Day Blog Challenge” sponsored by Jeanette Cates.  It’s brought a group of like minded people together to share… and best of all… “stand by” each other.

The abundance of re-tweets, and blog comments have been a terrific statement of the willingness to give a “leg up” in helping others to build their businesses.

I recently ran across this wonderful video…and you must watch it.  It will make your heart happy.

Besides the appropriate title…. and the catchy uplifting tune… it’s a testimony to me of how like minded people can contribute to the whole in their own unique way and make beautiful music together.

I think the video speaks for itself. 

Yea! for all the #blog30 online bloggers who are supporting each other toward reaching individual goals. We’ve only got about a week to go… and we then we can stand together and celebrate.

Til Later,

Kathy Griffiths

P.S.  Hey… you can Stand By Me anytime you want.  We’ll move forward together.

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  1. Love the video!

    I agree, being apart of the challenge has been great. I appreciate all of the support and what I have learned from other bloggers.

  2. Kathryn: Great uplifting way to start the day. The video is great…and speaks to new connections formed.

  3. Kathy, I want to thank you for all the wonderful support you are giving me with my new blog. I really appreciate it and am so happy to have met you through the blog challenge. Much love
    Heather x

  4. Kathy, You are one of the best supporters of all the bloggers! You practice what you preach. It’s so great having you in my corner 🙂

  5. You are so right, Kathy. It is really nice when we feel supported. Thank YOU for your support!

    Mary Ann Pine

  6. Suzie Cheel says:

    Thanks for the joy of the song and thankyou for who you be. Yes this has been a fantastic challenge
    I like that we have connected again

  7. rosie says:

    Kathy you are teaching others to be supportive just by being supportive yourself! I think that as a baby boomer I see it more clearly than ever before. Something about supporting others that builds a sense of community in aspect of your life.
    I hope that the blog challenge is just the beginning for continued relationships.

  8. Great video and great great GREAT article!

    The most important thing people forgot is that humans are social creatures and it’s extremely rare (and slightly unnatural) for a person to be hoofing it a lot!

    For some reason, I feel like sitting around a camp fire and singing koombaya right now while roasting polish sausages …. 🙂