Improve Blog Copywriting Skills | Four Simple Strategies.


If I could show you four simple ways to improve your copywriting skills so you could have over 200 comments on your site, would you stick around long enough to find out how?

One of the challenges we face, as online business folks is, most of our communication is through writing content. Whether its content for blogs, ebooks, reports or a hard back book… we want to hold our readers attention to the end.  We want them  to bond with our message and come back for more.

Imagine what it would be like to have folks hang on to every word you say… and look forward, with anticipation, for your next material.  Can you just see yourself jumping out of bed in the morning, running to your computer, to see if you have more than your usual 100 comments below your blog post?

There are two master copywriters that hold my attention to the very end of their blog posts and articles. They are my heros and I study their materials just to find out how they do it.

Before I tell you who they are…I want to tell you a short story.

When I was in high school, I had a friend who read novels during class.  She would hunker down in the seat of her desk and read during boring lectures.

One day… she was crying. It fact… she was crying so hard her shoulders shook. I jumped out of my seat and went to her aid. “I’ve just finished this book,” she wailed, “Now I have to come back to the real world.”

“Boy,” I thought… “That must be some book!!” And it was!  How can you beat “Gone With The Wind” for romantic content that keeps your attention to the very end. (Guys… Rhett is a “girl thing.”)

Copywriters, Joe Vitale, “Mr. Fire” and Ree Drummond of “The Pioneer Woman” are some of most compelling copywriters around. I study their material over and over again trying to improve my copywriting skills.  They may not be “Margaret Mitchell” but they’re darn close.

Oh… what are the 4 simple ways to get your readers to stay to the end of your post?

1. Ask a question…. and ask questions you don’t answer until the end of your commentary. (When I first spotted Joe’s use of this copywriting trick, I sat up and took notice immediately.)

2. Create curiosity throughout your content. (This is one of Joe’s favorite methods of courting your attention).

3. Put your reader in their mind’s eye! (Joe suggests you use words like, imagine, picture yourself, remember, see yourself, in order to put the reader looking through their own minds eye.)

4. Tell a story. (This is Ree’s number one method of holding your attention. Her site is all about “story telling”…. the story is about her family who live on a cattle ranch out in the boondocks. Who would have thought “cows” could hold your attention.   With Ree’s writing skill… they do.   Ree is one of the top bloggers in country. )

Now that you know these 4 copywriting secrets … go back and take a look.  How did I do in following these four copywriting strategies?

Oh Well…. I’m practicing. I supposed you noticed I don’t have 393 folks making comments on my posts like Ree.   I need to study “The Pioneer Woman” a little closer.

As for Joe Vitale… he’s always got a new trick up his sleeve.

Til Later,

Kathryn  Griffiths

P.S. Remember… use these  4 copywriting secretsl tips to improve your blog copywriting skills.

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  1. Kathryn:

    Thanks for advice. I will add that your readers must remember the “6-W words for Journalist”, who can help them at thinking questions to solve: Who, When, Why, Where and hoW… (and if someone said that how didn’t had “W”, read it backwards… 😉 )



  2. These are 4 great strategies.

    Joe Vitale is genius copywriter and one of my favorites. I have his swipe file and love it. He is an expert at grabbing you attention a keeping it.

    Ree is a great story teller. I like finding out what is happening with Marlboro man and the kids.

    I haven’t tried the ask a question one, but I like it.

  3. Capt Rob says:

    Great article, excellent strategies.

    I will definitely be putting these four strategies to work for me!


  4. Rob Horlock says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    I will add to your comments tally … 🙂

    This is an excellent post and I will save it to my laptop for future reference. We all know about telling stories but I particularly like the asking a question at the beginning. I will do this more in the future.

    best wishes and thanks


  5. All four of your tips are spot on, Kathy!

    I oftentimes ask a question in a blog post and I really like that approach. Most people who know at least a little bit about the subject matter will feel compelled to answer. I think it even helps to ask a question in the title of your post to get the ball rolling.

    And who doesn’t enjoy a good story?! It’s true what they say in the internet marketing industry … stories sell. We’ve been hearing and sharing stories since we were children.

    Awesome tips for getting more comments on your blog!

  6. Gwen Tanner says:

    Kathy, I did notice you applied all tips… and I noticed even before you asked, so you did good!

    Blog posts are like little sales pages – selling you! So, good idea to use these tactics in blog posts. I will try it.


  7. Suzie Cheel says:

    I learn something new each time I visit your blog. Great 4 tips and I know that story telling really empowers ones writing and one’s blog.

    I know Joe, thanks for introducing me to Ree and The Pioineer Woman

    Congrats you are an inspiration

  8. Tony Denson says:

    Kathryn These are great points to keep us focused on what matters most. Remember the time you were reading the short story and you found yourself wondering where the writer was going with the plot? Texas Grin Thought I’d try my hand at putting all four in one sentence…. Did it work?

  9. Kathryn,
    Thank you so much.
    I’m learning so much from you.
    You are one of the many wonderful people on the blog challenge offering help and support.
    Your strategies make so much sense. They are straight forward and practical and I can action them immediately.
    Thanks for the links to Joe and Ree – I’ll be studying all three of you from now on.
    Much love
    Heather x

  10. Thank you, Kathryn for these excellent copywriting tips. Now that you have studied two of the best, I’ll just go ahead and study your strategy, which you implemented very effectively in your post.

    All the best,

  11. Grace Hodgin says:

    Thanks for these helpful tips and suggestions. Your really helping me to focus and I’m beginning to reorganize and follow helpful hits.

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  13. Good points – thanks for the helpful post!