How To Create A Thank You Page That Works Wonders


Offering an online thank you is as important as thanking someone in person.  You should take every opportunity to thank folks who opt-in to your list, purchase a product from you, attended an event or, has retweeted your post on twitter.

When you create a new opt-in form in your Autoresponder, you generally have a chance to add a custom “Thank You Page” rather than allowing your Autoreponder company to send their standard thank you.  As your first step in building a relationship with your new friend, take advantage of this excellent opportunity.  (I use Aweber… which has a custom “Thank You” option.)

Now, I’m sure there are many ways to skin this cat, but I’m sharing a few tips I’ve found to be successful in creating a “Thank You Page”

Who Are You?

Providing your name is important.  However, putting a photo on your “Thank You Page” is just as important.  It allows your party to see who you are immediately.  When they receive your first e-mail, they are more apt to open the e-mail if they have a visual picture of who you are.  (At least you have a better chance.)

Thank Them

Now’s the time to thank them for their opt-in.  Remember, they just gave you their name and e-mail address.  First thing… let them know you appreciate it.

What Is The Offer

Remind them what they are receiving from you.  We all have so much going on… a little reminder helps.

Confirmation E-Mail

Whether to have a “double” or a “single opt-in” is constantly being debated.  (It’s a subject for another day.)  I have chosen the “double opt-in” option.

Let your new friend know they will be receiving a confirmation e-mail from you… and how it may appear in their in-box.

Your first e-mail will appear in one of two ways.  Your name or your e-mail address will appear first in the title bar.  You have no control over this the first time around.  It depends upon your customers system of receiving their first e-mail and their “spam” arrangements.  Therefore, it’s wise to have them watch for either your name or e-mail address.

How Will They Receive Your Product?

Let them know exactly how they will be receiving the product or information you have offered them.

Some folks give their new list member the download link in a new e-mail.  Others will have the member join a membership site where the information is located. (I feel irritated when I expect a link in my e-mail and find I have to join a membership site and haven’t been informed.)  Let them know right up front what to expect.  No tricks!


Reassure them that their name and e-mail address is safe with you.  It also let’s them know you are not a “spammer” and they should expect quality information from you.  (They feel they have recourse if you don’t keep your word.)

Where Did That E-mail Go?

As hard as you may try…. for what every reason, your first e-mail may end up in the “Spam Box.”  Warn your friend of this fact so they will be on the look out.  (A lot will depend upon the title of your e-mail… but we’ll discuss that later.)

Details Are Important

Every online marketer has their own method of disseminating products or information.  Be very clear about what your new friend can expect from you.

If you have addition tips to offer… please share them in the comment box.  I’d love to hear from you.

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Til later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Each Autoresponder company has their own method of sending a customized
“Thank You Page,”  Find out how it works and use it to your benefit.

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  1. Thanks, Kathryn! You are so right about the power of saying thanks!
    It is part of that “all I ever really needed to know” life aspect.
    Whether it is learned from your parent or realized in a kindergarten class, a quick word of thanks–email message, Tweet, handwritten note–will be appreciated!
    Take the time to say thanks!


  2. I really like your Thank You Page. It is very friendly and reminds me of who I am working with. Also your explanation of how the system works is so simple.

    In that first download email, I like remind them of where they subscribed at and who I am. Using the picture on the download page really would add even more impact on who has asked you to sign up.

  3. Great tips! I agree that the picture would be a nice addition, and plan to add one to mine. The personal connection would helpful in not only enhancing the courteous gesture, but the visual cue would help with branding.

  4. Never thought about using a picture. Awesome idea!

  5. This is one SUPER tutorial, Kathy – thanks!

    I’m with some of the other gals here – I better scoot my booty over to Aweber and check out the customization options. I love the idea of including a photo to add some personalization to what is usually a pretty stark, unappealing, cookie-cutter page. And I bet all of us have seen our fair share of thank-you pages! 🙂

    Your post has helped me to re-think how I want to show thanks to my subscribers.

  6. Kathryn says:

    Sheila, Janet, Martha and Melanie

    Thank you pages are just one more way of connecting to you public. I learned about the photo on the Thank You page early on. Now I put it on everything I can. I wish there was a way to put them on our e-mail pages. lol