How Do PLR Products Work – Is Using PLR Ethical?


If you’ve been in Internet Marketing for very long, I’m sure you’ve come across the term PLR rights.  When I first looked into PLR products, I wondered how they worked and if using them was ethical.

Perhaps you have few of the same questions.

How Do PLR Products Work?

Someone creates a product, and decides to offer it as a PLR product. You determine that the product works for your market, and you purchase the product, along with the private label rights.  You then make changes to the product to make it uniquely your own, and then you sell it…. or give it away.

It’s as simple as that.

Most PLR Allow You The Following Rights.

1.  Put your name on the product as the person who created it.

2.  Sell the product for any price you choose, or give it away.

3.  Make any changes to the product to give it your own flare.

4.  Package the product with other products.

However, make sure you read the PLR file or License that comes with the product.  Sometimes they vary a bit.

Here Are 2 Valuable PLR Tips.

1.  A good PLR product is one that is limited.  In other words, every Tom, Dick and Harry  will not be able to purchase the rights because only a certain number will be sold.

2.  Purchase your products from reputable sellers.  Not all Private Label sellers and products are equal.

Is Using PLR Ethical?

The answer is yes… most marketers use PLR products for free giveaways and bonuses to products they are selling.  To better answer that question… watch the following video where Nicole Dean of Easy PLR will give you some insight.

Happy Marketing and Promotion!

Til later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  For this particular blog post…I used bits and pieces of a  PLR product.. to show you it can be done.  Bet you didn’t know it.  I used PLR information and changed it to suit my style and liking.

Even though you don’t have too….I recommend that you change the product to make it your own.

Here are three PLR resources I highly recommend because of their great content and selection.

EasyPLR – Nicole Dean

PLR.Me – Ronnie Nijmeh

DIYplr Alice Seba and Mila Sidman

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  1. This is a great post, Kathy. I have worked as a freelance writer for quite some time and just recently opened a PLR store. A lot of new online entrepreneurs don’t have the research or writing skills to produce their own content, nor can they afford the high fees that come with hiring a ghostwriter. They can however, take PLR products and use that as ready-to-use research changing it to relate to their own audience.

    I always suggest modifying it to fit your personal business needs, as you have done above.

  2. I am a big Nicole Dean fan. She puts some really great PLR out and limits the number of people that can use it.

    The key to PLR is just exactly what Nicole says…changing the PLR before putting your name on it change it. I suggest adding your own style, video or audio.

  3. I had those concerns when I first started reading about PLR, Kathy, but now know as you outlined that it is ethical to use the content. I’ve had to work on not spending too much time re-writing PLR reports to sound the way I would as it basically defeats the purpose of saving time. I do re-write articles though and when I use a report that I did not make significant changes to I like to state “Presented By.”

  4. Karen Kay says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Seems so funny that we need to give ourselves permission to use PLR when the very nature of the concept is to share it! But you are right. I tend to feel guilty about it. I will say that of the few times I have used a PLR product, most have been successful.

    Thanks for making it okay!


  5. Kathy,

    Your three PLR resources are the best in the industry! And here’s another up and coming PLR dynamo to keep an eye on — Melissa Ingold.

    I have found PLR articles to be useful in product creation, development of membership sites, and crafting freebie offers.

    I haven’t ever used PLR on my blog … but it’s tempting! 🙂


  6. Kathryn says:

    Angie… What is the name of your PLR store. I would love to visit and take a look.