How Anchor Text Can Boost Your Google Ranking


Now just what is anchor text and how can it help your Google ranking?

First… let’s look at the definition of Anchor Text:

It is the “title” of a visible link you put into your copy or text.   Or… it is the hyperlinked words in your text.  Or… It those colored or underlined words in your copy that you want your readers to click on.

Anchor text gives your reader additional information by sending them to another page on your site… or another page on the web.

Properly used Anchor text tells Google what your page is about and can boost your page ranking.  If you want your anchor text to count with Google… there are a couple of guidelines you need to follow.

Guideline 1:

Make sure the “words or words” you attach to the hyperlink is a keyword or a keyword phrase.   Find solid keywords that describes what your subject is about and use them as your anchor text.

Too often I see the anchor text  “Click Here” used as the clickable link.  You certainly don’t want to be ranked for “Click Here.”

If you’re are sending your readers to another blog…avoid using the name of the blogger or site as your anchor text.  Choose keywords from the page you’re sending them to.  If your post is on blogging, link to the keywords that support that message.

Example:  ‘When you are just beginning to blog, you may wonder, “How do I get started?  Where do I find good design?   That’s why I prefer to blog on WordPress.  There are hundred of themes to choose from that will help you get started quickly.”

This type of keyword usage helps you and the person you are linking to.  Google will find your Anchor text relevant to the subject of your page and theirs.

Guideline 2:

You can’t control who links to you but you can control who you link to.  Make sure your outgoing links are linked to quality sites or pages.  If you link to blogs that don’t offer quality information, or doesn’t support your message… your links can do you more harm than good.

Now… go try using outgoing links to connect yourself to other blogs.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.   Reminder:   If you make sure your anchor text is keyword rich and you are linking to quality sites… Google will love you.

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  1. Tony Denson says:

    Ok Here to learn: I have read that incoming links and outgoing links serve as a whole for how you rank with Google. If I get it right I have learned that incoming vs outgoing serves sort of like a see-saw. If you have too many outgoing links but no one is referring to you by an incoming link then Google does nor see that site as an authority and will get ranked lower even though the blog author has sent out some highly relevant references by outgoing links. I need insight on this please.

  2. Great post with examples scattered throughout! Clever clever!

  3. Mary Pat says:


    Oh, what a good idea. I have been using “click here” or “report”. I will mend my ways. Thanks for the tipe.

    Blessings, Mary Pat

  4. I also use keyworded anchor text in my article bios. It works well.

  5. Kathryn says:

    Tony… I don’t get too caught up in the numbers. I just make sure outgoing links are to quality sites. I can’t control the quality of incoming links… but there a few things you can do to get some quality backlinks directed to your site. Check out my post http://budurl.com/seorank3 I think the answer is quality, quality, quality. from both sides of the isle. Don’t avoid using outgoing links. Just make sure they are going to quality sites and you use strong keywords in your anchor text. Everything seems to even out.

  6. […] backlinks to your site is more important for your pagerank than your outgoing links. You want high ranking sites to link to your page or site for Google SEO to sit up and take […]

  7. Rob Horlock says:

    Great advice again Kathryn. This is not something I had considered so you are my ‘tutor of the day!’

    best wishes


  8. Great tip to link to “quality” sites or pages, Kathy!

    And I’ve learned something critical here. I’ve created anchor text in the past by using someone’s name. Now I realize that’s not what I should be doing. You’re a godsend. 🙂

    Thank You!

    P.S. Don’t know what in blue blazes is happening with CommentLuv these days. I’ve contacted support there and they can’t seem to correct my issue. None of my current posts are showing up when I comment on blogs. Sigh. 🙁

  9. Debbie Crabtree says:

    Thanks for your great posts. I always learn so much. I hope I can really take in this post. I want to be taught. Thank you for sharing.