Give Yourself Some Quiet Space


A few weeks ago, it was necessary for me to go out to our retreat in the Uintah mountains.   I was lining up workers to make a few repairs and preparing for our family reunion.

It was so nice to be out away from the hustle and bustle of the city and my closed in office space.

I took my computer along so I could get a little work done in between moving the hose around to water… taking brief trips to the “mall” (our name for the Hanna Country Store,) and visiting with a cousin.

The view from our trailer over looks one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.  Farm houses, lush green alfalfa fields with magnificent mountains on the other side of the valley. (A distance of about 10 miles.)

So… where am I going with this?

Space…. I was amazed at what quiet solitude and looking out over the valley did for my head.  I found that the “fog” lifted from my thinking.  I was surprise to find how clear my mind was.  I was able to get a few blog posts and numerous articles written in a short amount of time.

I understand that runners will often get the same “fog” lifting results when they are out on their morning runs.  Quite solitude… and looking out and about clears their head.

A lot can be said for quiet meditation time.  But, getting out, taking a  break, looking far out and about, and giving yourself some quiet space may just be the thing to clear the “fog.” Especially when you’ve been at the computer all day.  It just may increase your productivity too.

At least… it worked for me.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  In fact… I’m going out again to our mountain retreat in about a week… for a little more quiet time and space.  Heavens knows what I may end up getting accomplished.

Let us know what you do to clear the cobwebs from your mind.  Love to hear from you!

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  1. That is the most incredible picture!! So beautiful. I can see how quiet space would be wonderful in a place like that!

  2. Great message here, Kathy!

    I have a saying that goes, “Take your mind off your mind”. And we all need to do that sometimes as part of our well being. As online marketers and small business owners, we are locked in to a confined space in front of our computers for days and weeks at a time.

    There’s a world out there! And we need to enjoy it. Since I work online and offline (year round), I don’t have the opportunity to travel. But I make time for quiet solitude whenever I can. It’s just plain good for the soul.

    Your photo is spectacular!


  3. Love that view!

    Creating space is very extroverting. It actually makes you bigger. If you think about it we think of God as looking out over us. This makes his viewpoint come from a big space. Want to change your viewpoint….get more space.

  4. You made my Monday!

    Sometimes, to get away, I go for a walk in a spot filled with trees or just sit on the deck for some cloud-watching!

    Glad you shared this view!


  5. I think we get so caught up in what needs to be done, that we forget to make “quiet” time for ourselves. Thanks for the reminder Kathy 🙂