Enhance Your blog Image With Video


Video is a powerful tool you can use to enhance your blog image. It can strengthen your content message by bring clarity and greater understanding. Folks love video.

I’m going to mention just a couple of ways you can use video that will make a difference to your online marketing strategy.

1.  To Inform or Teach

2.  To Entertain

Let’s examine these two reasons for using video.

Information or Teaching:

Whether it’s how to put up a new WordPress blog, or how to self pollinate your tomatoes plants or make a chocolate cake…  a video will teach it better than words alone.  To see someone actually doing a task can bring clarity and understanding to your message.

Sometimes online marketers don’t take advantage of video in promoting their business or enhancing their blog image.

Besides using video on your blog , short videos can be used on opt-in pages and sales pages.  Sales page videos are becoming more and more popular. I have used video on an opt-in page.  Because of the nature of my give-away, text alone would never get my message across to my prospective clients.

I love the teaching videos on “TED … ideas worth spreading.” All of them are soooo good.  You could use one of these teaching videos to drive home an important point you are making.


I bet most of the videos on YouTube are submitted for the soul purpose of entertaining.   And, entertainment videos that have some the highest viewership.

So… how does a online marketer use an entertainment video?  I really depends on your message.   A video may be just the frosting on the cake for putting over a certain important concept in your communication.

And… sometimes you just what to share what tickles your fancy.  Your readers love to be entertained… especially when they can get a good laugh.

I’m putting several videos here so you can learn… or  be entertained.   Or… both!


Information: This is an video on how to hand pollinate tomatoes.  It’s from Insightful Nana (that me.)

Information: This video is the one I used for my opt-in page. Am I nervous or what?

Information: This is a “Ted” video.  It’s a message about what’s happening to creativity in our school systems.  It’s a bit long… but so worth watching.  Sir Ken Robinson will entertain you as well.  This is one of my favorite Ted videos.

Entertainment: This short video cracks me up.  It’s had 2,184,983 viewers.   So, I’m not the only who’s had a good laugh.

This video is just the best… It will make your heart happy. It entertains and has a message.  I know you’ll love it too.

Hope you can see the possibilities for yourself.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths.

If you have used video to enhance your blog image… let us know… We’ll come and take a peak.


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  1. This idea is great. I think I need to integrate some video into my website as well. Thanks Kathy 🙂

  2. …not to mention that making your own videos can actually be fun! (although a bit time consuming…(hidden outsourcing hint hint ;-))

    here’s a link to one of the first fun videos I ever did…please don’t have a mouth full of food or liquid when watching it LOL


    Mtn Jim

  3. Tony Denson says:

    I loved the TED clip! Full disclosure here I am prejudiced. If you are a teacher or if you have ever worn a uniform to keep me safe in my free homeland then ou get my absolute over the top best service I can possibly offer. I do not apologize for my choice and will fervently back it up. Teachers help to shep our futures and those teachers I support know full well I expect the students to learn to protect the values that our founders set up.

    And the military and first responders, you guys ROCK. Anytime you are in Texas I will be there to back you up.

    Tony Victoria, Texas Land of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave

  4. I like learning from video. I like being able to see exactly what I need to do, especially when it comes to learning blogging techniques.

  5. No question about it, Kathy – videos are very much en vogue as a marketing, blogging, and promo tool.

    But I will confess that I rarely watch videos that people embed on their sites unless they’re short and sweet. If a video is longer than six minutes, I’ll pass on it.

    With the exception of the Ted video (which I’ve watched before and LOVE!), the examples you have here are the perfect kinds of videos that I would take the time and watch.


  6. P.S. You don’t look a bit nervous in your emergency preparedness video. You look very confident and I can tell you really know your subject matter.


  7. Hi Kathy,

    Great tips and practical suggestions. A number of internet marketers seem to use the Flip. Is that what you use? If not, which? I spent about three hours or more researching and comparing video cams, and still have not made a decision.

    After doing the Google Search story and the response, I personally experienced the value of adding short videos to my website.

    One of my pet peeves when I visit someone’s site though is that I prefer to have the choice to activate the video rather than for it to start as soon as the page loads. But overall I agree that adding video to our marketing tools can be an effective strategy.
    Thanks, Kathy.