Enhance Your Blog Image With Photos


We are all looking for ways to enhance our blog image.  Adding a photo is just one strategy you can use to refresh your blog.

There are four good reasons why you should consider adding a photograph or an illustration to your blog site…. at least once in awhile.

1.  It breaks up space.

2.  Photos adds clarity.

3.  They can help “brand” you.

4,  Photos helps give clear instructions.

Let’s go a little deeper into to each of these considerations.

1. Space: Sometimes you have a lot to say.  Long text can look intimidating but if you add a photo here and there it breaks up the space and folks will stay around longer and read your content.

2.  Clarity: Sometimes you can’t describe in text what a photo can say.  If your site is about traveling to Italy, what better way to  get your prospective traveler excited… than to show him a photo.

3.  Branding:
If you’re trying to brand yourself, having a photo of your smiling face is a must.  Putting just your name on your blog is simply not enough.

I know all about resistance when it comes to putting a photo on a site.  When I made the painful decision to add a photo to my first blog… I cried before the picture was taken… and bawled louder after I saw it.  Bite the bullet… and do it anyway.

Martha Giffin uses a photo of herself in her blog header.  She also uses rotating photos of herself with “The Gurus” she has met at seminars.  With these photos, she’s not only branding herself… but she’s putting herself in a position of authority.  In fact… she is an authority in online marketing.

Melanie Kissell, Solo Mompreneur, uses a double whammy!  She has a nice photo of herself (and her dog) on her blog site. She also uses an illustration or photo about her subject matter.   I watch for this icon each time I go to her blog.  I would miss it if it  were not there.  It’s part of Melanie fun personality.

4. Instruction: There is nothing like a photo… added to text… to give instructions.  If you can see how something is done… it makes all the difference in the world.  Insightful Nana (that’s me) uses photos to give cooking instructions.

(You’ve just got to try this fantastic Ranch Dressing Potato Salad.)  How can a cook fail if they have photos to look at.  (I even add video so the chef can see the process in action.)

Using a photo is just a great way to enhance your blog image.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S. I’m sure there are other reasons to add a photo to enhance your blog image.  If you have any secrets… please share them in the comment area… we would love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi there,
    Good article about graphics and photos. I’ve always felt that a little something more than text is a really good idea. I tend toward the cartoon/whimsical side of things, but sometimes I use real photos that I’ve taken. I’m just wondering what source you like best for your graphics. I have been using iClipArt.com because it’s so reasonably priced. I like IStockPhoto but the prices can get out of hand.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I agree! Photos do make a blog. They can grab your readers attention. And they quickly give your readers more reality on what your blog is about.

    I like to use Skitch.com as my screen capture tool for adding instructions. This tool lets you capture what is on your screen, add text, arrows and resize.

  3. Kathryn says:


    I generally take all of my photos for one of my niches… but on occasion I need a to grab one from the net. I have been very happy with http;//bigstockphoto.com Their prices are stable and are very reasonable. I recently decided to use IStock photo. I will not be renewing my credits. Even the smallest photo is double from what I pay at Big Stock …. and their photo selection is as broad as IStock. I haven’t tried iClipArt… but I will take a look. Thanks

  4. Your right Kathryn – It is such a great branding tool. As business owners we should be thinking about branding and marketing with almost every thought. Thanks for a great article.

    Michele Scism
    The Results Lady

  5. HI, Kathy! You are so right about photos. They really capture your attention and make you “real.” There is one “guru” that I follow that always includes pictures of her and at least one of her with a client(s) in her ezine. You can’t help but really look at them. They create curiousity.

    Mary Ann Pine

  6. Kathy, I am still laughing at your reaction to putting up your first image. I hear you loud and clear! You said it all. I’m still trying to get used to it. As of now, my husband refuses to pose for any more images. I’m turning to stock now…lol

  7. Kat Simpson says:

    Agree totally with all the reasons you should use photos and thank you for the new resource to find and purchase them when I need.

  8. I agree and need to put more photos in mine thanks for the reminder.

  9. Gwen Tanner says:

    Great tips Kathy – photos and other images definitely make your blog interesting and gives it personality!

    I have been using dreamstime.com for photos lately, originally I would go to http://sxc.hu/ for free stock photos (direct from the photographers) and istockphotos.com, but I see what you are saying – their prices are getting ridiculous! If you are patient you can try creative commons at flickr where people are allowing their photos to be used.

    Thanks for the post,

  10. Suzie Cheel says:

    Great tips Kathy, I have just added a photo of me to my header. I also think so often as the saying goes a picture tells a 100 words

  11. What a marvelous response to this post, Kathy!

    I think you’ve touched a chord with this topic. 🙂

    I wish I had an eloquent or poignant commentary to leave here about using images on your blog or web site. But instead, I’ll just simply tell you why I use them. I’ve been an instructor for over a quarter of a century and I came to realize, early on in my career, that at least 90% of adults are “visual” learners. I tested this out many times in my classroom. My lectures that include photos, posters, charts, etc. are much better received than those without.

    People love pictures … and so do I!

    Thanks for the mention and link to my blog, Kathy. Very kind gesture!


  12. P.S. I just clicked over to “Insightful Nana”. This is a destination my target audience needs to hear about!

    Gotta run. I want to hurry along and put my contact details in the opt in box.

    You’re amazing,

  13. I completely agree with all those uses of photos in blogs, Kathy. I love to use them whenever I have relevant pictures available or the time to find something suitable online that I can use.