Discover The Power Of Title Tags For Fantastic SEO


Title Tags?  Just what are they and how can you use a Title Tag to propel your SEO rankings to new heights?

A Title Tag is the the title of your page that shows up on the top tool bar of your browser.  Take a look…. yes, at the very top of your browser you will see the Title Tag for this blog post.  You can also see the Title Tag if you view the “page source” of this blog post.

Purpose Of A Title Tag

1.  It defines a title for your page in the browser toolbar for the search engines.
2.  It display a title for the page in the search engine results.

Why Is A Title Tag Important?

1.  A Title Tag… which can be viewed in the browser tool bar… is the title search engines  look at when their spiders scan your page.  It tells the search engines what your post is about.  Then, the spiders crawl the content of your page to see if the information you’ve provided is relevant to your Title Tag.

2.  A strong Title Tag is one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings.  A good Title Tag is equal in importance to backlinks coming from other sites.

3.  The Title Tag is the title that shows up when a reader googles a keyword and your site shows up in the search results.

4.  Cute catchy titles in your browser tool bar may attract the eye of your readers, but they won’t give you the SEO page rankings your blog posts deserve.

It has been reported that a good Title Tag is the most overlooked SEO strategy made by bloggers and webmasters.

Title Tags And WordPress

I love WordPress because it allows me utilize the power of a strong Title Tag and still lets me use a more catchy title to capture the attention of my readers.  Readers are not bots and they are attracted to catchy, hypnotic titles or phrases.

How Do You Have The Best Of Both Worlds?

The All In One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress lets you have the best of both worlds.  The title you place in the title space of your All In One Pack is the title that will show up on the browser tool bar of your post as the Title Tag.

How easy is that!

The All in One title can be different from the title you place at the top of your post.   The title tag is more important than title of your post or permalink.   So…. the title of your blog can be a catchy hypnotic title because the Title Tag at the top of your page has the top title position in the hierarchy.

Building A Title Tag In The All In One Seo Pack

1.  The Title Tag character limit for google is 60.  It crucial to harness the most powerful keyword title possible.  There should be no fat in your title tag… only meat.

2.  A strong keyword or keyword phrase should be as close to the beginning of your title as possible.  If it’s reasonable, make it the first word or phrase.  It should be followed by relevant keywords or terms.  Example: Title Tags | How To Use A Title Tag To Boost SEO

3.  Use the Title Tag keywords in the first paragraph of your post to reinforce the message to google.

If you don’t have the All In One Pack plug in on your site, download it immediately and use it.  Now, there’s no excuse not to make your blog posts SEO friendly and still keep your readers intrigued by your post titles.

Til later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  I learned this bit of information at WordPress WordCamp Utah 2010.  If you ever have a chance to attend a WordCamp… don’t miss the opportunity.  In fact, run to sign up!

P.P.S.  My next post will go in to detail about how to build a powerful Title Tag to enhance your SEO ranking.

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  1. Thanks for the info about title tags. It IS very important and all too many times I just don’t pay attention to mine! Thanks for great tips and the reminder. You are fast becoming my source for SEO info. Your knowledge is AWESOME! Thanks!

  2. Very good explanation of using title tags. I also love WordPress for the ease of changing title tags.

    All In One also gives you the chance to control the description of your post. It is important to repeat the keywords you are going for in that description.

  3. It´s my understanding that Genesis framework now has the same capability as All In One SEO.or All In One SEO Platinum plugin