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I love it when my Twitter followers Retweet my Tweets.  Boy… is that a mouthful.  None the less Twitter has become a necessary strategy for promoting my online business.

I allow myself at least 20 minutes a day to Retweet my followers and business friends.  I try and make it as convenient as possible for my followers to Retweet me.

Here are a few simple Twitter tips that will make it easier for your followers to Retweet your Tweets.  I use them and I thought I’d pass them on to you.

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It’s none of your business!  Oh really?

Picture this! You’ve been invited to a party and you discover there’s a large group of people, many of whom you don’t know.  You’ve just been introduced to John Doe, who is owns a successful real estate company.

You chat for a few minutes and he asks, “What type of business are your involved with?”

“Oh, I have an Internet business and I put off line businesses online and promote them.”

“Hmmmm” he says, “I’m very interested… do you have a business card? I would like to contact you and find out a little more about how that could work for me.”

“I’m sorry… no I don’t… because it’s none of your business!!”

Of course, you wouldn’t dream of replying in such a manner.  But isn’t that what you might be implying when you don’t carry business cards?

Having business cards printed is the number one promotion investment you should make… whether your off or online.

Don’t think that I haven’t been without business cards under similar circumstances… and it’s embarrassing.  It’s not like they’re hard to come by these days. I just think it’s something we don’t consider, especially if we’re Internet marketers.

Now, before you run to call your printer, or webmaster, there are a few things you should consider when designing your business card.

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I’m getting to understand Twitter advantages a little better each day.  Participating in the “30 Day Blog Challenge” this past three weeks has opened my eyes to the power of social media.

I have enjoyed looking at many wonderful sites and taking advantage of the opportunity to get to know many of you better.  I’m also grateful for the re-tweets and the comments that have been made on my behalf.

I Will Follow You

Before the week is over, I hope to follow, on Twitter, all the participates of the 30 Day Challenge.  I believe this is a great opportunity to add quality individuals to my “follow” list.

I would hope you feel the same and follow me in this “social networking” opportunity.

Unbeknown, to some… if we don’t follow each other, we can not use the DM (Direct Message) opportunity to connect on a private level.

We have one week to sew up these relationships up by following each other so we can keep in contact after the challenge is over.  I, for one what to keep up with you and keep the fire alive.

Tweet With Martha

Perhaps we should all join Martha Giffen (Blog 30 member) on her free Twitter call on June 24 so we can be fully informed about this exciting medium.  I’m anxious to learn how to use this social medium to it’s fullest potential.

I’m adding a link to the bottom of this post… and if you’re so inclined to join Martha in her free class… do so by clicking on the link for further information.  (And no… I’m not an affiliate for this program)  I just think it’s a great opportunity for all of us in #blog 30 to participate.

In the mean time.. I will follow you.  If you are not presently following me, I invite you to do so.  We all need to utilize Twitter advantages to its fullest potential.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  We would all do well to follow everyone we can during this last week.  Let’s all take advantage of Twitter while we can.

P.P.S.  You can locate my twitter account at Kathy Griffiths.

Tweet With Martha

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“What in the world killed the cat?”   Curiosity!

Curiosity!  It’s one of the best copywriting secrets online writers use today.  When it comes to  promotion, “Curiosity killed the cat,” is as powerful for off line promotion as it is for online promotion.  In the late 1800’s,  BT Barnum said, “There’s a customer born every minute.”  He was a genus at using curiosity as a promotional strategy to gain customers.

Curiosity means:  eager to learn or know…arousing interest or attention.

Curiosity summons a “need to know” in your reader or customer’s mind.  What?  Why?  How?  Where?

Some years ago, when I worked for a large craft company, we traveled to trade shows to promote and sell our products.  There were hundreds of booths at the show so we had to come up with unique ways to draw buyers into our booth.

We used “curiosity.”  We offered a fantastic “Make It and Take It” craft project.  Ladies would stand in line in front of our booth for hours just to sit down for 15 minutes and make an expensive, classy project.  We went “over the top” to compete with our competitors with our “Make It and Take It” projects.

So…. how did this project create curiosity?  The large crowd.  “What in the world is going on over there?”  We had tremendous success…. our booth was always full of ladies…. and as a result… our sales people were always busy with buyers that came to our booth to see what was going on.  (P T Barnum used “the large crowd” strategy.)

In online marketing, curiosity is created by using words.

Famous copywriter, John Caples, wrote this famous headline.  “They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano…. But When I Started To Play!…  This headline is still considered a classic.  It invokes curiosity.  What Happened…when he started to play?

Online marketing guru, Jimmy Brown, says that curiosity is the one method that distances all others for getting people to read your blog.

Whether you’re writing copy for a a blog post or a title for a opt-in box or sales page, the old “Curiosity Strategy” will work every time.

As Jimmy Brown put it… “Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I’m guessing with at least a few of those nine lives… he came back for more.”

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  I’m curious to know how you came to read this blog.  What curiosity strategies do you use?

Please take a moment to comment below.

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What personal branding strategies can I use to boost my online presence?

Do I need to have a photo on my blog site?

The answer is “YES!”  And… it’s one of the first branding strategies you can use to boost your online presence.

I’ve never been an “On Stage” kind of gal.  I’ve never quite understood the need to put oneself in public view.  I’m very comfortable behind the scenes just doing my thing… quietly.  However, circumstances have always forced me to step up to the plate and put my mug out there.

For years, I designed for the craft and gift industries.  I authored over 80 instructional craft books.  And yes…. my photo was in each and every copy.  Thousands and thousands of copies have been distributed though out the world.  My name and face were part of the “promotion strategy.”

“Fortune”… not “Fame”… is my preference.  However… in some businesses… the two go  together hand in hand.  The online presence game requires more than just your name…it requires your face.

How To Put Two and Two Together For Personal Branding

Your name alone is not enough to get folks to remember who you are.  Seeing your face on your blog… along with you name… gives you brand identity.  When folks see your name… they need to be able to attach your face to it.   So… your photo on your blog is vital.  Folks bond with you better when they can see who you are.

The reason I put a photo on my opt-in pages is that I want my readers to identify with me immediately.  My name is just not enough.  Besides… it helps them remember me when they get their first e-mail.  If they can connect a face with a name… they are more likely to open up the e-mail.

I notice that sales page text has become more simplified.  Often, there is no graphic header.  The absence of a header graphic seems to convert better than one that is all fancy.  However… your photo still needs to be on the page.  Folks what to see who they are buying from.  A photo gives the reader a certain level of confidence that you’re real.

Do I Have To Be In The Movies For An Online Presence?

The first video I made was terrifying.  I stuttered and stammered.  My sis, Sheila, who is my videographer, had to stop filming every two minutes so we could start over.  As a matter of fact… I still get terrified and I still stammer and stutter.   And, we still stop and start over, and over again.

Well… all I can say is… it’s worked great for me.  In another niche… I have 28 videos with 110,340 uploads.  The videos have served me well.  They have provided hundreds of back links to my site.

The point is… yes, you must at least put your photo on your blog, your opt-in pages and sales pages if you want to get your personal branding up and running.

Video…. Well… that’s up to you… but if your niche requires it… by all means… step up to the plate and smile big.

Til later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  For strong brand building for your online presence… make sure you use a real photo.   Avoid using your dog, cat, baby photo or one of those silly gravitars.

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Why to some blogs and services seem to get everyone talking?  The internet just seems to “buzz” with the news.   The power of  the Viral buzz  can bring astounding long term results.  Viral Buzz marketing is just one many promotional strategies.

Here is one way to create the buzz.

The bottom line is:  You give above and beyond what is expected!

Our Incredible Story:

20 years ago, my son Brad, answered a newspaper ad for a truck.  He purchased a truck from a fellow who was just getting started in the “used car” business.  The man didn’t have a location, and was running his business from his home.  It was his first sale.  Brad examined the truck, went to the bank, and arranged for the purchase.

When he returned, to pick up his vehicle… he got more than he expected.  The shiny red truck had a “roll bar” in the bed.  No extra charge!

“I just thought it would look sharp with a roll bar in the back,” said Mike.

Two years later, when my daughter Emily needed a vehicle, we sought out Mike.  He offered us a great deal on a little red Mazda.  Clean… low miles… great price.

We purchase the car.  Later that evening, Emily got stuck in a parking lot of a store.  She couldn’t get the car started. (Forgot she had to push the brake to the floor for the starter to work.)

In a panic…crying her eyes out… she called Mike’s mobile phone.  No answer.  She left a message.  I went to the parking lot and we figured out how to start the car and we went home.

At three in the morning… someone drove up in our drive way… got out, examined her new car… and left.  The next morning Mike called to apology for not getting her message until late.  He went to the parking lot and and didn’t find the car…. so he came to our home at three in the morning to make sure Emily got home okay.

Several hours later…Mike showed up at our home with new floor mats for Emily’s new (used) car.  It was “Just a little something…” to relieve her trauma.

Ten cars later… we still go to Mike to purchase our vehicles.  Clean cars, low miles, great prices, wonderful service, above and beyond expectation…. every time.

The viral buzz was started 20 years ago… and today, there are many happy car buyers that we have sent to Mike.  They, in turn… joined the buzz and Mike continues to reap the reward of viral buzz marketing and sells car after car after car.

Need I say more?

Till later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Viral Buzz Marketing works.  Do what it takes to include this promotional strategy in your business.

P.P.S.  By the way… if you ever come to Utah… and want to purchase a car… drop in and see Mike Neal… for service beyond what you expect.

Any other ideas on how to create a viral buzz?  Please share!

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