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For a successful online business… it’s important… yes… I would say vital to follow this important directive.

Never Go Past A Word Or Concept You Don’t Fully Understand!

It seems elementary doesn’t it?  But it is not only the foundation for an internet business, but it’s a foundation for all learning… no matter what the subject is.

When I first started my online business… the concept of a “Hosting Service” was very confusing to me.  Heavens forbid… what was a “Landing Page”?   An abbreviation, such as FTP, was a foreign language.   Coaches and teachers often assumed I knew all the lingo, as they rattled off instructions.

At times, my coach would talk so fast and throw out so many new terms that the inside of my forehead felt fuzzy and my eyes seemed to spin around.  Of course… in the beginning, I didn’t want to appear “stupid” so I just I didn’t ask them to back up and explain.   (Now that was “stupid”).

The deeper I went into online business and marketing, the more complex the web became.  It became evident to me that one concept laid upon another concept.  For me to be proficient in my business, I needed to take the information step by step until I understood every word and concept before moving on to the next level.

It may have taken me a little longer to learn… but I knew it was necessary to know internet terms, how they were used, and how they related to each other in order to have a successful online business.

What you can do to magnify your learning process for your online business.

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If you think of anything I left out of this post, please feel free to put that on the comment.

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No one appreciates a safe online backup system any more that I do.

Years ago, when I purchased a Mac lap top with 50 gig, it was a dream come true.  But, the dream didn’t last long.  The demand for more space on my hard drive became evident very quickly when I began to design for the craft and gift industries.

I was encouraged to pick up an external hard drive because I could transfer my large files and save my gigabytes.  After my purchase, I promptly transferred 4 years of art work from my lap top on to my new external hard drive.

I was set.  That was until one of my grands knock my external hard drive off my desk onto the floor. (Of course no one has ever admitted to the mishap.  Would you?)  My heart went sick when I reconnected the hard drive and discovered that everything was lost.

All my hard work was toast.

When I began to blog… I was delighted to find that  had a database backup plug in.  It’s called WordPress Database Backup.  However, I was disappointed to discover that it only saves the core WordPress files.  Plug-ins and such are not protected.

Automatic WordPress BackUp is also a plugin developed by a another group.  The data is automatically stored on an server such as Amazon S3.    However, AWPB it’s not compatible with all servers out there.

Even though I had WordPress Database Backup on my blog sites, I didn’t feel very secure so I went investigating and found Mozy.  What I like about this online back up system is that it not only saves my WordPress files… it saves everything digital.

Better still… It backs ups files continuously and saves them on servers away from my home.

For only a small fee.. I have peace of mind that my digital files are safe with Mozy.  I’m sure there are several off site database backup systems available to you… but I recommend Mozy online backup system.  You don’t want your online business to end up toast for the lack of a secure Internet backup system.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  What Online backup service do you use and why do you prefer it?

If you think of anything I left out of this post, please feel free to put that on the comment.

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I Follow My Own Twitter Rules

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There is so much Twitter advice out there and there’s so much contradiction that I’ve decided to follow my own Twitter rules.  I figure… my rules are as good as the next guy’s and I’m basing my rules on experience…my experience.

However,  I must say, there are some rules I follow without question.   You know… the Twitter big guys’ rules.  No sense in putting myself in an “You’re out of here” position.

So… if you’re interested in “My Twitter Rules” of conduct and etiquette… read on.

2000 Rule

A.  There’s no sense in bucking the “2000 Rule” because Twitter is not going to budge.  They put the rule into place as a type of spam filter.  The original 2008 rule was:  I could have as many “Followers” as I wanted… but I was limited to “Following” only 2000 Tweeters.  Period.

Since then… I can “Follow” more than 2000 folks if my “Followers” exceed 2000.  I’ve found it wise to keep my “Follow” list in unison with my list of “Followers” to allow me to override the general 2000 rule when I get there.  Therefore, I have adopted the 2000 rule.


A.  When someone I don’t recognize retweets me… I immediately check out their profile, stats and read a few posts.  If there are no glaring reasons why I should not follow them back… I promptly click the “Follow” button.   I figure, if they were kind enough to RT me, they should be on my “Follow” list.

There have been times when I have retweeted individuals frequently, only to find out that they are not “Following” me.  In that case… I have no problem clicking on the “Unfollow” button for that individual.

B.  I love to retweet good content.  I want my followers to have the best.  However, after I’ve retweeted someone’s various tweets ten times or so… and don’t get the same consideration… I stop.  Oh…it’s lovely to get a “Thanks For The RT”… but along with that… it would be nice they reciprocated now and again.

Following Others

At one time… I followed every Tom, Dick and Harriet.  Anyone who followed me got an automatic “Follow” click.  In addition to that… I was adding to my “Follow” list on #FF and finding followers by other means.  I soon found out that my “Follow” list was growing much faster than my “Following.”  I wanted to keep my list numbers a little closer together.

When I took a closer look at the folks I was following… I was surprise at the number of folks I was following that I had nothing in common with.  So, I put in place a few rules for myself.

A. I’m sent an e-mail every time someone follows me.  I now look at each profile, read a few posts and make my call.  One thing I do is… look to see how close the “Follow” and “Following” list are.

Generally, I don’t follow those who have tons of “Followers” and “Follow” very few people.  (Example:  300 to 20,000) Unless you’re Seth Godin (who doesn’t follow anyone,) or someone of that caliber… I just don’t click on the “Follow” button.  I prefer a more “rounded” sort of folk.

B. I look for people who’s content is helpful to me personally or to my business goals.  I follow people in my niche.  I follow folks who are clever and entertaining.  I follow folks in all categories who offer good content.

I enjoy a little “chitter chatter”…  after all… Twitter is a social site.  But, 20 posts in a row on how cute your dog or boyfriend is, or what you are eating for dinner,  or what movie you’re watching, or where you are shopping at the moment etc. etc. etc. doesn’t motivate me to want to follow you.  Neither does 100 quotes in a row from the “great” and the “un-great.”

C.  I love to look at the #FF recommendations from folks I trust.  I click on many of their suggestions… look at profiles and add to my “Follow” list.  I find high quality content this way.


A.  Since my “Follow” list was growing so fast… I looked at the list of folks that I was following but were not following me and eliminated a few.  In fact… I eliminated a lot… in order to leave room for folks I have something in common with… like you!

I use a great unfollow Twitter tool. It gives me a list of those folks who I am following but are not following me back.  (That’s how I found those folks that I had retweeted a thousands times that weren’t following me.   Perhaps.. I’m not their type… and that’s okay… “click” they’re gone… no more retweets from me.)

B.  I unfollow those who are crude or are demeaning to others.  (Actually, I had to unfollowed very few of this sort.  Most folks are wonderful and don’t fall in this category.)

Follow Me

Now… I hope my Twitter rules haven’t scared you off.   If you believe I’m a good fit for you by all mean… follow me.  I try and pass on the very best content to help you personally or your business.

If you’re one of my followers… just give me a little “shout out” and let me know you’re there.  I love meeting folks from all over the world… and would love to support you in your personal or business endeavors.   After all… isn’t that what “Twitter” is all about?

Marketing and Promotion

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  So those are my Twitter rules… and they work for me.

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Internet terminology can be overwhelming when you first start your online business.  It’s like learning an entire new language.  Like all learning, it’s important to understand the definition of all the words you come across for optimum results and success in your internet business.

However, often folks will skip over words they don’t completely understand, only to find that it hinders their progress in the long run.  In fact, they may quit the business all together because of misunderstood words.

Don’t Go Past A Word You Don’t Understand

So often in my education, I passed over words that I didn’t understand but tried to gather the meaning from the context of the message.  Sometimes it worked… but more often than not… I stayed confused and didn’t ever really grasp the subject.  My weakest subject was math.  If I had really understood every math term, I would have been more successful in math.

Now, I know how important it is to never go past a word I don’t understand…. that’s why I have a menu bar dictionary on my computer.  When I read… even a novel, I have a dictionary close at hand.  I’ve been surprised how many words I thought I knew the meaning of… but did not.

A Lesson From The Past

I learned the Pledge Of Allegiance in elementary school and recited it, along with my classmates, everyday as we faced the flag.  I’m old enough to remember when they added “Under God” to the  pledge.

I look back now and think… “How ridiculous it was to memorize and recite something daily I didn’t fully understand.”  Oh… I knew it was something pretty special but never grasp the power of the creed.  Not one teacher…. yes… not one teacher ever seemed to  understand how important it was to teach the meaning of every word.  Nor did my folks.

A few year a go, I ask a few of my young grandkids what Allegiance, Republic and Indivisible meant in the pledge they recited every day at school.   Not one of them could give me a simple definition of all of the words.  They know now!

Allegiance: Loyalty

Republic: A government that support the rights of the individual over the group.  Citizens who have a voice in their government through representation.

Indivisible: You can’t break it into parts.

When we or our children don’t fully understand words, the power of the message is diminished.  We can be come confused and even loose interest in our project.

Your Online Business

Likewise, If we don’t know internet terminology, we also lose the power that our businesses need in order to be successful.

In your online business learning, make sure you don’t go past words you don’t understand… because it can cause confusion.  If you feel confused at times… go back and find the internet terminology you didn’t fully understand and get it cleared up.

It will be like unlocking a door.  You’ll find the confusion disappear and you’ll move forward with more power in your online business.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S. Do you know what the difference is between a server and a browser?  Do you know how your FTP is connected to your server.  What does FTP mean anyway and how does it work?

P.P.S.  The term, broadband had me stumped for a long time.

What internet terminology confuses you?

Can you please comment below? I'd appreciate it.

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