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How relevant are blog images to the over all success of your post?

They can be pretty important if your blog images are used with a planned goal in mind.  However, avoid using images or stock photos just for the sake of placing an image on your site.

Have a purpose in mind.

Blog Images Create Focus

A blog pic and well constructed title can immediately grab your readers awareness.   They should give strength to each other.  A well chosen photo or image and title will direct the attention of your reader to the subject you’re about to discuss in your content.

Tristen Higbee, of Blogging Bookshelf,  got my attention with this title and photo.  When I looked at this image … my first thought was… “Been there… done that.”  I immediately wanted to read the content of the blog.

Blog Images Entertain

In addition to blog pics to focus your reader’s attention, you can entertain.  Melanie Kessell, of Solo Mompreneur, uses cartoon designer images to enhance her posts.  Her selections, not only give you an idea what the content is about… they are ingenious and entertaining.  The minute I go to her blog, I looked to see what the clever title and image she has selected and how they support her content.

Blog Images Create Curiosity

I love the images that Sheila Atwood, of Newbie Lifeline, uses on her blog.  She cleverly uses old photos and vintage  images to create interest.  I’m always curious as to how she will tie the blog image to the content of her post.  (Which she always does beautifully.)   The vintage blog pics has become one of the hallmarks of her blog… and I look forward to them.

Blog Images Create Additional Understanding

Photos are not the only post enhancement you can use.  Graphs and charts can be used to support your text information.

Ana Hoffman, of  Traffic Generation Cafe, used this image to illustrate the power of a new plugin she is using.   Is there any doubt about the effectiveness of this plugin she is writing a review about?   This blog image is one of those classics that measures up to the old saying, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.”

Don’t Shy Away

Blog pics and images can add value to your post and increase it’s authenticity.  Don’t shy away from using them if they can enhance your content message.  Just remember to use them with purpose and focus.

Til later,
Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  I’m a visual learner… so I enjoy blog images in posts.  For me… load it up.

P.P.S.  How important do you think blog images are to a post?

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Having a blog photo of yourself on your site will help you to build a solid relationship with your readers.  It might not be quite enough to have a photo on just your “About Page” in order to build a strong bond with your followers.

However,  you may not want to have your wonderful face at the top… or even in the sidebar of your blog.

I have located a wonderful alternative.  It gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself as well as have a photo so folks can form a visual tie with you.  This is a “signature box” feature and it can be placed at the bottom of your posts.

I’ve seen signature boxes on the bottom of articles and also in forums.  Now there is a WordPress plug in that allows you to have a signature box on your own blog site.  It’s called “FT Signature Manager” and it’s freeeee.

Using this wp plugin will kill two birds with one stone.  Not only do your readers get to see what you look like, you have an opportunity to toot your own horn with a bio.

Internet Marketer, Mike Paetzold, shared this WordPress plug in information with me and I’m delighted to share it with you.  Mike has this feature on the bottom of several of his sites.

Go to Mike Paetzold’s site, scroll to the bottom and take a look.  You can see the “FT Signature Manager” wp plugin used in full context.

I think it works well on this particular site because the top of his blog is so full of valuable information that there’s not room for a photo of Mike to appear.

There you go… Now there’s no reason why you can’t have your smiling face somewhere on your blog where all your readers can get to know you better.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.   I have not taken advantage of this wp plugin because my blog photo is in the header.  However, when I change the look of my blog…it will be a real consideration.                   .

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What is a browser.  Well… it’s probably one of the most important pieces of software on your computer.  Every site on the internet must run through a browser in order for an image to show up on your computer screen.

The most popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox.

Even though I have a Mac… which is compatible with Safari… I prefer Firefox.  Besides the fact that it’s fast, and dependable,  it has many additional features I enjoy… like add-ons.

One of the add-ons that I particularly like is called. “Search Preview.”

When you enter keywords into the search engine search box… a page listing all of the sites that support those keywords appear in a form of a list.  You can then scan the page and click on the site you are interested in.

What if you could get a peek at a site, before you clicked on the link,  in order to view the site and read the content?  Well… you can!

This is how “Search Preview” works.

At the beginning of each listing, the Firefox add-on “Search Preview,” adds a “Thumbnail” image of the site.  This new visual image now becomes as important as the title and the description in helping you determine what sites will give you the information you are seeking.

At a glance you can immediately determine if the site is inviting enough to click on.  You can quickly discern whether it’s a blog page, static site, sales page or an opt-in page.  Article sites, such as Ezine, really stand out.

If you’re competing for keywords, you can get a peek at what your rivals look like without having to click on every site.  When you’re involved with niche marketing, studying your competition is important.

I’m not sure who takes the initial thumbnail photo… but they are taken early on… and in some cases… it appears as soon as your site or blog is first indexed with the search engines.

If you use Firefox for your browser… I recommend this add-on.  It makes search engine listings a little more exciting than just plain text. All you have to do is go to add-ons for Firefox and enter “Search Preview” in the search box to find this fun addition to your Google searches.

Happy Marketing and Promotion!

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Look up your blog and see how you visually measure up against others on the same page.

Does this help or do you have a problem with this?

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Ever wondered how to make a clickable banner or a clickable image on your WordPress blog.  It’s so easy, you won’t need to wait on  your webmaster.

Just Follow These Simple Instructions:

1.  Upload your banner, photo or image and place it on your blog, in the desired location.

2.  Click on the html tab and locate the image information.  In the image code…look for the letters src. Remove everything in the image code before those letters.

3.  Add the code <img (space) in front of the letters src.

Example:  <img src=”” alt=”” width=”260″ height=”150″ /></a>

4.  Now place your curser just above your image code

5.  This is where you want your reader to go when they click on your image.   Place this code:  <a href=”The URL You Want The Link To Go To “>

6.  Example:  <a href=”” >

7.  When you are done… This is what it should look like.

<a href=”“>
<img src=”” alt=”” width=”260″ height=”150″ /></a>

Waaa Laaa There you go.  You now have hyperlinked photo or image.

8.  Save draft.

9.  Preview and check to see if the clickable image works on your site.

See if my clickable image works by double clicking on the image.

Little by little… I’m learning to be my own webmaster on very simple projects.  I love it.

Now, don’t be shy… place a clickable image on your next WordPress post and wow your readers…. plus give your self a backlink to one of your other sites.  Two birds with one stone.

Til later,

Kathyn Griffiths

P.S.  Use this information to put clickable images into your side bars.

What's your opinion on this?

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Front Page Blog Layout Above The Fold

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Strong front page blog layout above the fold was one of the first blog principles I learned from my first online mentor.  First impressions do count and… you don’t want to scare your readers away before they get a chance to read your great content.

Header Titles and Sub Headlines Are The Key

Whether it’s your header title, or your sub header title, it should state exactly what your blog is all about.  State your general blog theme. This is not the time to use “catchy or cute phrases.” You only have 3 to 5 seconds for your reader to make a decision to stay or not stay.

Header Titles and Sub Headlines are the key for getting your readers curious enough to want to see what you have to say on your general subject.

The Title Of Your Blog Post Can Cause Readers To Want More And Bring You Future Readers

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Any ideas?

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There are blogging benefits to posting on your site frequently.  You gathered a lot of valuable information in one location.  The benefit is… you can re-purpose your blog content.

Sometimes we feel that once the content is used… it’s “old hat.”  Not true.  I bet most of your readers can’t remember what you posted two weeks ago.  In fact… I can’t remember what I posted two weeks ago.   And… 98% of your readers, never look in your archives.

“Let see…. I think there was a post written in January of 2008 on giving vitamins to my dog that I want to read again.”

98% chance… it won’t happen!  Your readers rarely look back!

Here Are 5 Super Ways To Re-purpose Your Old Blog Content.

1.  Tweet a link to one of your old posts to your twitter followers.  Select one that was popular before… and received lots of tweets and comments.  Your subject was of great interest to them then… and it will be again.

2.  Take a post that included various concepts or points.  Select one of the posts and expand on it.  (I just recently did this.  I mentioned, “white space” in copywriting in a  post, but felt it was a subject that needed it’s own stage.)

3.  Turn your posts into Ezine articles.  Sometimes I can just copy and past the post directly into Ezine articles.  Other times I have to modify them a bit to meet Ezines requirements.  On the original post… I may have “heavy loaded” the keywords.  Ezine frowns on this so I take a few of them out of the main body of the text.

Now, I bet your worried about “double content.”  Well don’t be.  This double content business is over rated.  Guru, Matt Bacak has never worried about it and he says he’s never been slapped by Google.  (Matt will sometimes write 5 articles a day and send them all over the place.)

If your still nervous… use it on your blog first.  Then… you remain the first source.

5.  Turn your old posts into a report.  You can give this report to your list… for free.  It’s nice to be able to offer a little something extra to your friends.  If your blog post is short… expand it to at least a couple of pages.

Don’t forget to put your own product links or affiliate links in the report.  Also make sure the signature area… at the bottom of the report… has your website and contact information.   Let your readers give the report to their list or friends for free… with one stipulation… they can’t change any of the content.  (It gets your name out there.)

Now… go for it.  Your blog content is just waiting to be re-purposed.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Bonus Tip: Put your content in another format such as video or audio.  A post on putting up a WordPress blog would be ideal in video form.  You can sell it… add it as a bonus… or put it to into a membership site.

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