Business Plan For Making Money Online – Stay On Target


Once you make your online business plan… stay on target. There are numerous strategies for making money online.  Find one what resonates with you and stick with it.

It’s so easy to chase every shiny new idea or concept and end up with a slow business or no concrete business at all.

Getting Off Course

In 1979, a passenger jet with 257 people aboard, left New Zealand for the Antarctica.  Unbeknown to the pilots, someone had altered the flight coordinates 2 degrees. It eventually took the plane off 28 miles from their final destination.

The pilots had no idea that the 2 degree error placed them in the direct path of Mt. Erebus, an active volcano.   When approaching the white capped volcano, the white clouds blended in and the plane crashed killing all on board.

When the black box was recovered, the pilots had indicated that by the time the instruments sounded a warning… it was too late.

In the beginning… the error was only a matter of 2 degrees… but staying on the wrong path took them 28 miles off course in the end.

Three Ways To Stay On Course

Stay With The Basics: There are many strategies to choose from. Find a system that works and stay with the basics of that system.  When you start interjecting all kinds of untested ideas… you may find your coordinates off by several degrees.

Follow Success: Follow the strategies of one or two successful people.  Avoid going all over the place, following every mentor that comes along.  Find someone you resonate with and follow the plan.  Keep your coordinates in line.

Get Back Quickly: We all are tempted to try new things.  If you get off course, quickly determine whether your additional strategy will help you reach your goals successfully.  If it does not, get back to your original course and basic plan.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S. I’ve never gotten off course.  lol

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  1. Wow! We must be twins! I’ve never gotten off-course either! LOL

    Interesting article pointing out how just a little “off-course” can make a big difference in the results. A story that will stick with me for a while.

  2. I think the biggest mistake most people make is not even knowing what their target is. This comes from not knowing their goals and purposes.

    Once you know what the actual goal is, you can set targets for meeting that goal. I like setting monthly targets, weekly targets and daily targets. When I stick to that plan it is easier to stay on task.

  3. Grace Hodgin says:

    Well I never get off course either! LOL
    I agree with Sheila that the first step should be to know your target and getting a mission statement written down to continually refer to when you get tempted to stray. That is what I didn’t do but now am getting better.
    Also to refer back to your article and adding the point that if you do not stay on target and you do stray then you may not crash but it can get lost and confused.
    That is why it is good to have people like you around, Kathryn, so we are reminded to stay on course.