Brand Building Strategies That Will Boost Your Online Presence


What personal branding strategies can I use to boost my online presence?

Do I need to have a photo on my blog site?

The answer is “YES!”  And… it’s one of the first branding strategies you can use to boost your online presence.

I’ve never been an “On Stage” kind of gal.  I’ve never quite understood the need to put oneself in public view.  I’m very comfortable behind the scenes just doing my thing… quietly.  However, circumstances have always forced me to step up to the plate and put my mug out there.

For years, I designed for the craft and gift industries.  I authored over 80 instructional craft books.  And yes…. my photo was in each and every copy.  Thousands and thousands of copies have been distributed though out the world.  My name and face were part of the “promotion strategy.”

“Fortune”… not “Fame”… is my preference.  However… in some businesses… the two go  together hand in hand.  The online presence game requires more than just your name…it requires your face.

How To Put Two and Two Together For Personal Branding

Your name alone is not enough to get folks to remember who you are.  Seeing your face on your blog… along with you name… gives you brand identity.  When folks see your name… they need to be able to attach your face to it.   So… your photo on your blog is vital.  Folks bond with you better when they can see who you are.

The reason I put a photo on my opt-in pages is that I want my readers to identify with me immediately.  My name is just not enough.  Besides… it helps them remember me when they get their first e-mail.  If they can connect a face with a name… they are more likely to open up the e-mail.

I notice that sales page text has become more simplified.  Often, there is no graphic header.  The absence of a header graphic seems to convert better than one that is all fancy.  However… your photo still needs to be on the page.  Folks what to see who they are buying from.  A photo gives the reader a certain level of confidence that you’re real.

Do I Have To Be In The Movies For An Online Presence?

The first video I made was terrifying.  I stuttered and stammered.  My sis, Sheila, who is my videographer, had to stop filming every two minutes so we could start over.  As a matter of fact… I still get terrified and I still stammer and stutter.   And, we still stop and start over, and over again.

Well… all I can say is… it’s worked great for me.  In another niche… I have 28 videos with 110,340 uploads.  The videos have served me well.  They have provided hundreds of back links to my site.

The point is… yes, you must at least put your photo on your blog, your opt-in pages and sales pages if you want to get your personal branding up and running.

Video…. Well… that’s up to you… but if your niche requires it… by all means… step up to the plate and smile big.

Til later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  For strong brand building for your online presence… make sure you use a real photo.   Avoid using your dog, cat, baby photo or one of those silly gravitars.

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  1. Remember Dave, “Wendy’s” dad, I loved those commercials. I liked the owner of the company inviting me to eat at his daughter’s restaurant.

    Building trust in a virtual world can be tough. Letting people know you are real is a big step in the right direction.

    You forgot to mention how much we laughed when we did those videos. It was pretty funny.

  2. Great ideas Kathryn,

    I especially like the idea of placing video of a picture on your opt in page. This will help people connect with who you are and really help them remeber you.

    Thanks so much for the tip,

  3. A photo is definitely a “must”, especially on social media profiles and on all your marketing materials and promos.

    My dog (and business partner), Maxwell, is in my photo with me. I’ve had a number of gurus tell me to “ditch the dog”. But, guess what? I’ve also had lots of online marketers tell me that my photo is memorable BECAUSE of Max.

    I think the type of photo you display should stay in line with your niche. If you’re a public relations expert, for example, a candid shot that shows lots of personality would be great. If you market children’s toys, a photo with a whimsical feel would be appropriate, ans so on.

    Say Cheese! 🙂


  4. I agree, Kathryn. having your picture on your site which lets your personality show does wonders to attract prospects.

  5. Lisa Raymond says:

    Great article, Kathryn, thanks! It did raise a question in my mind, however. I do agree that a mug on the blog helps with branding, but if you use a logo on all material rather than the mug shot, does that still help with branding or does it have to be the mug? Thanks for the post!

  6. Kathryn says:

    Actually Melanie… I didn’t notice your dog in the photo. I focused on the your face. I know what you look like and that’s important. Thanks for your comment.
    P.S. Good looking dog.

  7. Kathryn says:

    Lisa… logos are great too. I’m designing a new one now that will go at the top of all my e-books and reports. However, I will be putting a small photo at the end of the e-books and reports in my signature area. Don’t miss an opportunity…. the Gurus don’t. The only place I would not put a photo is if your are giving reports away free and giving permission for others to pass them along. If that’s the case…I would not put a photo.

  8. Jane Lee says:


    Thank you for the blog article. I currently do not have a picture on my header, and just a photograph of a butterfly representing transformation. After reading your article about posting a picture is important. Will definitely post a picture above my opt-in box so readers and visitors see what I look like.

  9. Suzie Cheel says:

    Yes I agree it is a must it help you readers engage with you

  10. We all need our pictures on our headers and all social media sites. I can attest that people WILL remember you. Tonight, I was introduced to someone at an out-of-town wedding and when they shook my hand they said,” I recognize you from your picture online.” Not only did she know me from my site but from my PICTURE. pretty cool 🙂

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