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There are blogging benefits to posting on your site frequently.  You gathered a lot of valuable information in one location.  The benefit is… you can re-purpose your blog content.

Sometimes we feel that once the content is used… it’s “old hat.”  Not true.  I bet most of your readers can’t remember what you posted two weeks ago.  In fact… I can’t remember what I posted two weeks ago.   And… 98% of your readers, never look in your archives.

“Let see…. I think there was a post written in January of 2008 on giving vitamins to my dog that I want to read again.”

98% chance… it won’t happen!  Your readers rarely look back!

Here Are 5 Super Ways To Re-purpose Your Old Blog Content.

1.  Tweet a link to one of your old posts to your twitter followers.  Select one that was popular before… and received lots of tweets and comments.  Your subject was of great interest to them then… and it will be again.

2.  Take a post that included various concepts or points.  Select one of the posts and expand on it.  (I just recently did this.  I mentioned, “white space” in copywriting in a  post, but felt it was a subject that needed it’s own stage.)

3.  Turn your posts into Ezine articles.  Sometimes I can just copy and past the post directly into Ezine articles.  Other times I have to modify them a bit to meet Ezines requirements.  On the original post… I may have “heavy loaded” the keywords.  Ezine frowns on this so I take a few of them out of the main body of the text.

Now, I bet your worried about “double content.”  Well don’t be.  This double content business is over rated.  Guru, Matt Bacak has never worried about it and he says he’s never been slapped by Google.  (Matt will sometimes write 5 articles a day and send them all over the place.)

If your still nervous… use it on your blog first.  Then… you remain the first source.

5.  Turn your old posts into a report.  You can give this report to your list… for free.  It’s nice to be able to offer a little something extra to your friends.  If your blog post is short… expand it to at least a couple of pages.

Don’t forget to put your own product links or affiliate links in the report.  Also make sure the signature area… at the bottom of the report… has your website and contact information.   Let your readers give the report to their list or friends for free… with one stipulation… they can’t change any of the content.  (It gets your name out there.)

Now… go for it.  Your blog content is just waiting to be re-purposed.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Bonus Tip: Put your content in another format such as video or audio.  A post on putting up a WordPress blog would be ideal in video form.  You can sell it… add it as a bonus… or put it to into a membership site.

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  1. I am a firm believer in re-purposing my blog content. I work hard on that content and want to take advantage of the data.

    These are great ways to re-purpose your content.

  2. Britt Malka says:

    I have been amongst those who hesitated in re-purposing blog posts or any other “old” content, but I must admit that you are right.

    That’s the lesson I learned recently. For many years, I’ve been writing tips and tricks to the computer, Internet and homepage (in Danish), and a year ago, I started a new blog on almost the same subject, but I allowed other authors to share my income.

    A lot of the blog posts has actually been tips, I’ve already written on my original site. People just didn’t remember (I did, btw). And time and time again, people would ask me to write about something, which I had already written about.

    So yes, you seem to be right. I have to re-purpose what I’ve already written. (blog30)

  3. Rob Horlock says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    I recorded one of my posts in audio yesterday, funnily enough, using Audacity. Interesting to see if this widens the circulation…

    best wishes


  4. Funny you should mention this today. I logged in to my Knits Gone Bad blog today and discovered 13 broken links. Dunno what happened. Anyway, while fixing them, I had to search through the archives and kept being surprised how dog-gone many posts there were. Who wrote all that stuff? It seemed vaguely familiar. Ha!

    So repurposing old posts would help reinform ME too! Who knew?

  5. Excellent recycling tips, Kathy!

    To date, I haven’t reused any of the content on my blog. Who knows? If I go rummaging through the archives, I must just find a product hiding there!

    I think the first thing on my re-purposing agenda should be to submit some of my work to article directories. I like your suggestion to put content on your blog, initially, so you remain the first source. Because …

    I hear there are some less-than-savory individuals out there who like to swipe articles and claim them to be their own. Shame on them.

    Thanks for another great post,

  6. Cindy says:

    Great advice.

    We submit most of our blog posts to Ezine Articles. Like you some of them require a small amount of tweeking first, but since we know that we are going to publish them there, we keep this in mind when we are writing them.

    To save a bit of time I highly recommend their new WordPress Plugin. You can submit articles from right inside of your blog. It has the option to choose a category, keywords and your resource box or add a custom one just for that article.

    Huge time saver and I have found that I am more likely to submit the articles since I can do it with a couple extra clicks instead of having to log into a whole new site.

    Thanks for the great information on re-purposing. Good stuff!


  7. I’ve just recently installed TweetMeMe on my blog and it’s giving a new lease of life to my old blogs. Now, every so often, I just go ahead and send a link to one of the older posts on my Twitter account. It’s good, because it gets the TweetMeMe count up, the older content moving again, plus it adds some content to my Twitter feed – something I’m prone to forget to update if I’m not careful.

  8. Hi there!!

    I don’t know who credit the more… Kathryn for the original post, or Cindy, for her comment on the new e-zine plug in!! I will try to use both as soon as possible.

    Thanks to all.