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No one appreciates a safe online backup system any more that I do.

Years ago, when I purchased a Mac lap top with 50 gig, it was a dream come true.  But, the dream didn’t last long.  The demand for more space on my hard drive became evident very quickly when I began to design for the craft and gift industries.

I was encouraged to pick up an external hard drive because I could transfer my large files and save my gigabytes.  After my purchase, I promptly transferred 4 years of art work from my lap top on to my new external hard drive.

I was set.  That was until one of my grands knock my external hard drive off my desk onto the floor. (Of course no one has ever admitted to the mishap.  Would you?)  My heart went sick when I reconnected the hard drive and discovered that everything was lost.

All my hard work was toast.

When I began to blog… I was delighted to find that  had a database backup plug in.  It’s called WordPress Database Backup.  However, I was disappointed to discover that it only saves the core WordPress files.  Plug-ins and such are not protected.

Automatic WordPress BackUp is also a plugin developed by a another group.  The data is automatically stored on an server such as Amazon S3.    However, AWPB it’s not compatible with all servers out there.

Even though I had WordPress Database Backup on my blog sites, I didn’t feel very secure so I went investigating and found Mozy.  What I like about this online back up system is that it not only saves my WordPress files… it saves everything digital.

Better still… It backs ups files continuously and saves them on servers away from my home.

For only a small fee.. I have peace of mind that my digital files are safe with Mozy.  I’m sure there are several off site database backup systems available to you… but I recommend Mozy online backup system.  You don’t want your online business to end up toast for the lack of a secure Internet backup system.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  What Online backup service do you use and why do you prefer it?

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What is a browser.  Well… it’s probably one of the most important pieces of software on your computer.  Every site on the internet must run through a browser in order for an image to show up on your computer screen.

The most popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox.

Even though I have a Mac… which is compatible with Safari… I prefer Firefox.  Besides the fact that it’s fast, and dependable,  it has many additional features I enjoy… like add-ons.

One of the add-ons that I particularly like is called. “Search Preview.”

When you enter keywords into the search engine search box… a page listing all of the sites that support those keywords appear in a form of a list.  You can then scan the page and click on the site you are interested in.

What if you could get a peek at a site, before you clicked on the link,  in order to view the site and read the content?  Well… you can!

This is how “Search Preview” works.

At the beginning of each listing, the Firefox add-on “Search Preview,” adds a “Thumbnail” image of the site.  This new visual image now becomes as important as the title and the description in helping you determine what sites will give you the information you are seeking.

At a glance you can immediately determine if the site is inviting enough to click on.  You can quickly discern whether it’s a blog page, static site, sales page or an opt-in page.  Article sites, such as Ezine, really stand out.

If you’re competing for keywords, you can get a peek at what your rivals look like without having to click on every site.  When you’re involved with niche marketing, studying your competition is important.

I’m not sure who takes the initial thumbnail photo… but they are taken early on… and in some cases… it appears as soon as your site or blog is first indexed with the search engines.

If you use Firefox for your browser… I recommend this add-on.  It makes search engine listings a little more exciting than just plain text. All you have to do is go to add-ons for Firefox and enter “Search Preview” in the search box to find this fun addition to your Google searches.

Happy Marketing and Promotion!

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Look up your blog and see how you visually measure up against others on the same page.

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SEO Power Using Photos And Images

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In your quest to make your site SEO friendly, you may be forgetting about an important element that will give a boost to your search engine ranking.  Photos… yes… photos.  You can give your blog SEO power with photos and images.

Photos and images enhance your posts and web sites.  However, the search engine spiders cannot read a photo, whether it’s in your header or in the body of your post.  Spiders can only read text.  So, how can you make a photo search engine friendly?

Before you place a photo into your site that you’ve taken with your own camera, give the image a keyword rich name.  It helps if the name goes along with the other keywords in your post… (although that may not always be possible.)  The same rule applies to any graphic you’ve designed.

I took this image and named it:  HotAirBalloons.jpg. (Simple)  Not something like… Balloons At 4th Of July Celebration 2010.  This last description may help me locate my photo in my personal files… but it does nothing for my SEO.

If you purchase a photo from a photo site, the downloaded photo title will often look something like this. 183k01.jpg.  Often the reference number or title that is attached to a purchased photo are linked to many different photos… depending upon the company you purchase them from.  So, using that number or description will not help your SEO.   Change it to a keyword rich name.   I named this photo PieApples.jpg (Remember to always read the agreement your image provider furnishes.)

If you name your photos properly…. your photo may end up in Google Images.  This Halloween Image came from Google Images.  (Read the user information that Googles provides for their Images.)  Check to see if an image from Google Images is copyright free before you use it for your own site.  Look for the absence of copyright strike or other copyright information on the photo image before you use it.


Google Images Information

Website for this image
•    Full-size image – Same size
560 × 427

This image may be subject to copyright.


This image was named Halloween1.jpg  If you notice… the website where this image came from is listed.  When you click the link, it will take you to the web page where this image is used.   You can take advantage of this also.  If your photos are properly labeled, folks can find your site through your images.

I did some research and found that most photos in Google Images are not under copyright restriction.  Most folks are happy when you use their photos for non-commercial use.  I have used a lot of Google Images before and have had no problem.  I have seen some of my personal images on Google Images and I’m thrilled to have others use them.  However, I have seen photos in Google Images that have a copyright strike on them… therefore, I don’t even consider downloading them.

I found this quote on a site called: Answers By IchtheosaurusRex:  “As a last word – there are millions upon millions of pictures on the Internet, and the odds are pretty good that no one will care if you use one for non-commercial purposes (like a personal blog).  If someone does care, they will most likely ask you nicely to take it down before taking any kind of legal action.”

Search engines love photos on blogs.  It tells them you give your readers extra special content.  So… take advantage of the photo images you use in your posts by giving them a name the spiders will love.

Success To Your Marketing and Promotion!

Til Later,

Kathy Griffiths

P.S.  There was a time when I didn’t label my photos correctly.  I’m doing so now… and finding photo search engine ranking benefits.

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