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Video is one of the best internet marketing tools you can use to boost your online presence and drive traffic to your blog or opt-in page.   If your video is useful to viewers, other online marketers will pick it up and put it on their site.   It’s great exposure!

Here are 7 video production tips I want to pass a long to you.  These tips come from my own experience of producing videos for another niche… and making a few mistakes.

7 Video Production Tips:

1.  Have everything in place before you start the camera rolling.  Fumbling around getting organized after the camera is rolling can confuse your viewer.

2.  Keep distractions like background noises at a minimum.  No one wants to hear conversation, a dog barking or a child crying in the background.

3.  Try and be as natural as possible.  My first videos are hilarious as I appear a stiff as a board.  However, the more videos I produced, the more relaxed I became.  (I still have trouble seeing myself on camera.  But… if your in the Internet marketing business, you have to swallow your pride… especially when it comes to making a video.

4.  Keep in mind your background… or what’s behind you.   An unkempt office, or kitchen can distract your viewers and dilute your message.

5.  Don’t be afraid to stop the camera and start over again.   You can always cut out unwanted sections of your video during the editing process.

6.  Always introduce yourself as well as your web site at the beginning of your video and at the end.  Saying it verbally as well has having written text on the screen reinforces who you are and where you can be found.

7.  Ignore all of the above if it keeps you from taking action and getting a video online.  The more videos you produce, the more you will improve.  In this day and age… with the popularity of YouTube…  no one expects a Hollywood production.  Do the best you can and improve as you go along.

Video in your particular niche is a powerful Internet marketing tool to publicize your product or blog and it promotes you as an expert in your field of expertise.

Start the camera rolling!

Happy video marketing and production!

Til later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  I pick up this fantastic little ebook for only $7.00 that is going to boost my video traffic big time.  Pick it up now… what do you have to lose… except another value internet marketing tool.  Lots Video Traffic is possible if you follow the clever guidelines in this inexpensive e-book.

What are you going to do with this information right now?

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Video Equipment for making videos for Internet video marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.  There are so many affordable options available to you so you can get started easily.  Let’s take a look at the basic video equipment and video editing software you will need to get started.

Video Cameras:

1.  Flip Video: The Flip Video is a pocket-size camera that can capture from one to four hour’s worth of video.  The video resolution is not on the level of a DV video recorder but for the price you can’t beat it.  They cost runs from about $129.00 to $299.00 depending upon the features and how cute you want your case to look.

These cameras are great to put in your pocket.  It’s a wonderful way to capture the moment on the fly.  A simple internal editing program and a USB interface makes it easy to upload your content straight to your computer and then directly to YouTube.

2.  DV video cameras:
DV stands for Digital Video.  A DV video recorder is probably the best bet if you’re going to do a lot of recording.  There are two kinds… one that holds a disk and one that holds a tape.  From all of my research, the DV camera that holds a tape is the best buy if you are going to be doing editing.  (It’s what I have because I do a lot of editing.)

A DV video camera has the best resolution for YouTube and other video directory sites. The cost of a camera runs from about $400.00 to $2,000.  I paid about $450.00 for my Cannon DV video camera  and it’s more than adequate.

Editing Your Videos

PC: To get started, you don’t need anything more than Windows Movie Maker and it comes with the newer PC computers.  It’s a pretty basic program.  If you need more advanced editing capability, you can always get it later.

I have a Mac so I use the built in IMovie.  It’s wonderful for simple editing and it also give me advanced options.

There is no need to “break the bank” for getting started marketing your product or yourself by using video.  Get simple video equipment within your budget and get busy making those videos.

Happy Video Marketing and Promotion

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.   I have 26 videos in another niche.  Weekly, I get Google alerts that notify me that someone has put one of my videos on their site.  Video is one of the best internet marketing tools I have used.

P.P.S.  For only $7.00, you can pick up this fantastic e-book all about getting massive amounts of traffic to your site using video.  These are Video Marketing Tips that you can’t afford not to know.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful. What do you think?

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Internet terminology can be overwhelming when you first start your online business.  It’s like learning an entire new language.  Like all learning, it’s important to understand the definition of all the words you come across for optimum results and success in your internet business.

However, often folks will skip over words they don’t completely understand, only to find that it hinders their progress in the long run.  In fact, they may quit the business all together because of misunderstood words.

Don’t Go Past A Word You Don’t Understand

So often in my education, I passed over words that I didn’t understand but tried to gather the meaning from the context of the message.  Sometimes it worked… but more often than not… I stayed confused and didn’t ever really grasp the subject.  My weakest subject was math.  If I had really understood every math term, I would have been more successful in math.

Now, I know how important it is to never go past a word I don’t understand…. that’s why I have a menu bar dictionary on my computer.  When I read… even a novel, I have a dictionary close at hand.  I’ve been surprised how many words I thought I knew the meaning of… but did not.

A Lesson From The Past

I learned the Pledge Of Allegiance in elementary school and recited it, along with my classmates, everyday as we faced the flag.  I’m old enough to remember when they added “Under God” to the  pledge.

I look back now and think… “How ridiculous it was to memorize and recite something daily I didn’t fully understand.”  Oh… I knew it was something pretty special but never grasp the power of the creed.  Not one teacher…. yes… not one teacher ever seemed to  understand how important it was to teach the meaning of every word.  Nor did my folks.

A few year a go, I ask a few of my young grandkids what Allegiance, Republic and Indivisible meant in the pledge they recited every day at school.   Not one of them could give me a simple definition of all of the words.  They know now!

Allegiance: Loyalty

Republic: A government that support the rights of the individual over the group.  Citizens who have a voice in their government through representation.

Indivisible: You can’t break it into parts.

When we or our children don’t fully understand words, the power of the message is diminished.  We can be come confused and even loose interest in our project.

Your Online Business

Likewise, If we don’t know internet terminology, we also lose the power that our businesses need in order to be successful.

In your online business learning, make sure you don’t go past words you don’t understand… because it can cause confusion.  If you feel confused at times… go back and find the internet terminology you didn’t fully understand and get it cleared up.

It will be like unlocking a door.  You’ll find the confusion disappear and you’ll move forward with more power in your online business.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S. Do you know what the difference is between a server and a browser?  Do you know how your FTP is connected to your server.  What does FTP mean anyway and how does it work?

P.P.S.  The term, broadband had me stumped for a long time.

What internet terminology confuses you?

If you think of anything I left out of this post, please feel free to put that on the comment.

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Ever wondered how to make a clickable banner or a clickable image on your WordPress blog.  It’s so easy, you won’t need to wait on  your webmaster.

Just Follow These Simple Instructions:

1.  Upload your banner, photo or image and place it on your blog, in the desired location.

2.  Click on the html tab and locate the image information.  In the image code…look for the letters src. Remove everything in the image code before those letters.

3.  Add the code <img (space) in front of the letters src.

Example:  <img src=”” alt=”” width=”260″ height=”150″ /></a>

4.  Now place your curser just above your image code

5.  This is where you want your reader to go when they click on your image.   Place this code:  <a href=”The URL You Want The Link To Go To “>

6.  Example:  <a href=”” >

7.  When you are done… This is what it should look like.

<a href=”“>
<img src=”” alt=”” width=”260″ height=”150″ /></a>

Waaa Laaa There you go.  You now have hyperlinked photo or image.

8.  Save draft.

9.  Preview and check to see if the clickable image works on your site.

See if my clickable image works by double clicking on the image.

Little by little… I’m learning to be my own webmaster on very simple projects.  I love it.

Now, don’t be shy… place a clickable image on your next WordPress post and wow your readers…. plus give your self a backlink to one of your other sites.  Two birds with one stone.

Til later,

Kathyn Griffiths

P.S.  Use this information to put clickable images into your side bars.

What about you? What are your thoughts on this subject?

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Whether your online copywriting is for a blog, opt-in page, or sales page, you’ll reap great rewards if your learn to harness the power of “Why.”


It’s human nature to want to know all the “ins and outs” before we make decisions.  We are  curious creatures who like to be in control and make our own choices based on information that solid and convincing.

As soon as a toddler is old enough to speak… he’s asking “why.”  Why do I have to go to bed now?   Why do I have to eat my veggies?   Why can’t I cross the street?  Why? Why? Why?

Last week, I was with my daughter and her children at our mountain retreat for the week-end.   I took my 14 year old grandson into a near by town to meet some friends he met while swimming at the city pool.

They had invited him to go to the county fair with them, for which my daughter gave her consent.  We arranged a time when I would pick him up in front of the fair grounds at closing.

Just before I was to leave to meet him, the phone rang and my grandson ask if he could stay over night with one of the boys.  My daughter said, “No, I don’t think that would be a good idea.”


And of course… further discussion ensued.

After my daughter explained that she did not know the boy, or his family, and gave another 50 “whys”, she hung up the phone and I left to go pick him up from the county fair.  (I was amazed at how calm she stayed and how convincing her reasons were.)

As I thought about their conversation, it occurred to me that the more detailed the “why” was explained, the better the conversion.

By the time I pick up my grandson… he was fine with the decision because he really understood “why.”

Increase Your Online Conversions

Customers want to know…. Why should I make this decision?  Why should I spend this money?  Why should I read your blog?  Why should I purchase this product from you?  Why should I use SEO?  Why should I have a blog?  Why? Why? Why?

Most copywriting do a pretty good job with the What, How, When, and Where but it’s the Why that seems to come up on the short end of the stick.  Customers need to be given enough data so they can make an intelligent decision which should always include “why.”

Sometimes that may seem hard to do because it may feel like you’re tooting your own horn…. or you’re a little cocky.  But, for your customer, optimum understanding is vital.   The more “why” questions you can answer, the better your conversions will be.

Now… go harness the power of “why.”


Because it works!

Happy marketing and promotion.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths,

P.S.  Did you ever get the, “Because I said so… that’s why!” commentary when you were growing up?  Did you ever use that strategy as a parent?  I don’t know about you… but it never worked for me as a child or a parent…. at least… not for the long haul anyway.   Now, I understand why!

Harnessing the the power of “why” will work… not only in your online copying writing for high conversion… but for you life in general.

Please share your thoughts on this by posting a comment below.

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How do you choose keywords for the best seo strategies?  Actually the the process is quite simple… and I’m going share with you some secrets on how you can select good keywords that will bring more seo traffic to your web pages.

I’m going make some suggestions on how you can find the best keywords for your title and for your text.  For my examples, I’m going avoid the “online marketing niche” go into a smaller niche.

SEO Keyword tool

There are several good seo Keyword tools available.  Some are free and some you will have to pay for.  I’ve used both and found that Google Keyword External is very good and it’s free.  Make sure it’s “External.”

Using The Tool

Log in and put your main key word into your search box.  An entire list of relevant key words or keyword suggestions will show up below your selection. (I like to search by relevance.)

This Is What I Found For My Subject:

1.  Main key word:  Dill Pickles         Searches:  60,500

I looked through all the keywords that were listed and I wrote down the ones that fit my subject the best.

2.  Here’s the trick.  I always search for keywords that don’t have extremely high searches.  I search from the middle to the low range for my “Title Keyword.”

Why would I want to compete with 60,000 others for the main keyword.

Here Is My Selection That Fits My Post The Best

Dill Pickles                 60,500
Sour Pickles                  9,000
Canning Dill Pickles            3,600
Dill Pickle Canning            1,900
Genuine Dill Pickles             1000
Dill Pickle Canning Recipe        720
Cucumber Dill Pickles        390

The relevant key words to my main keyword were not listed in this order… there were many keyword suggestions in between.  But, these fit my post the best.

Guess which one I chose for my title?

Dill Pickle Canning – Dill Pickle Canning Recipe

Then I used all of the other relevant keywords in my text including Dill Pickles…. which has the most competition.

Another secret is… don’t over use one key word in your text.  Google and Ezine frown upon it.

In fact… Ezine will turn down your article if they think you have packed your article with one main keyword just for seo ranking.  It doesn’t sound natural.  They want relevant key words to be included in your text along with your main keyword.  So does Google.

Now, if you want to see how this all worked out… go see what I did with my keywords in a Dill Pickle Canning post.  I used every one of my selected keywords in this short post.

How did I do?

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  Go for it… Do your keywords search before you write every post.  And, make sure you use relevant keywords for best seo strategies.

P.P.S.  “Online Money Making” has high searches and high competition.  You’ll have to be very selective in the keywords you choose.

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