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Your “Headline Resource” swipe file just got better because I’m going to tell you about 3 easy resources you can plunder.

Writing headlines for your online business can be a “mind stopper.”   Sometimes when I look at a blank sales page… all my copywriting training seems to go right out the window.

That’s when I grab my handy “Headline Resource” swipe file.

We are surrounded with “Headlines” everyday… and we’re so use to them, they float right over our awareness.


There are 3 free “Headline Resources” that can’t be beat.  They are so readily available, that it’s easy to make your own “Headline Resource” swipe file today.

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Anyone else have feelings about this?

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Swipe file… What is a Swipe File and how do I use it.

When I heard that a “Swipe File” is a must when copywriting… it certainly sounded a little shaky to me.  What about online plagiarism?  Well after investigating a bit… I found that “Swipe Files” are perfectly legal.  Clearly, the word, “Swipe” is used just to get our attention.  Or is it?

First of allyou need to understand that individual words and short common phrases are not under copyright protection.  So… with that in mind, yes,  you can swipe words and phrases from other online copywriters without over stepping your bounds.

What Is A Swipe File? A collection of words and phrases that have been proven to generate sales!

From the beginning of time… copywriters have been collecting words or phrases that generate interest and captivate readers and bewitch them into purchasing products.

Copywriters take years to accumulate these collections and protect these secrets as if they were gold.  They are gold because they produce gold,  if used correctly.   An absolute factSo how can you get one?

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Ideas anyone?

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It’s not hard to avoid copywriting plagiarism if you follow a few simple rules when writing for your blog or other online text, such as  opt-in pages, sales pages.

Definition: copying, infringement, piracy, theft of someone else’s work and pass them off as one’s own.


The discussion of copyright infringement and design plagiarism was frequently discussed among designers when I was was involved with the craft and gift industries.

I diligently tried not to copy or plagiarize other designer’s work.  However… the question always came up… “How close can I come without crossing the line?”

After all… how many ways can you draw or design an apple?

Likewise, online copywriters don’t want to cross lines and be accused of copywriting plagiarism.  But… how many ways can you discuss SEO.  SEO particulars are specific?

None Of Us Live In A Vacuum.

Remember… new ideas come by way of evolution…line upon line, precept upon precept. This applies to all design, writing, or other creative endeavors.

An artist or writer may see or read another person work,  and it sparks a thought or a new idea.  It’s a little like the inspiration to build a better mouse trap.  Look how aviation has evolved since the Wright brothers.

So what is one to do?

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What do you think? Please comment below to tell me.

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