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Online Respect – Be There For Them

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Twenty years ago, I was sitting in a seminar… with the intent of “getting my head on straight.”  You know… one of those “fix you up” seminars that was so popular in the 80’s and 90’s.  (If you don’t remember them… be grateful… you’re a “young pup.”)

One of the most profound lessons I learned didn’t have anything to do with the agenda of the seminar.  But, it was one of those “ah ha” moments that has stayed with me, and I think about often.

“Can You “Be There” For Them?”

One of the rules of the seminar was:  No side talking.  When the instructor was working with an individual in front of the whole group, there was to be no side talking or whispering.

Opps… some one forgot and began whispering to her neighbor.  The facilitator stopped, turned to the offending party and said, “Can you be there for……..?”

It was an interesting way to say, “Can get over yourself and respect and support this person by paying attention and caring about what’s going on?”

Online respect can take on many faces…. but one face is… “Be There For Them.” Read More→

What about you? What do you think?

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Once you make your online business plan… stay on target. There are numerous strategies for making money online.  Find one what resonates with you and stick with it.

It’s so easy to chase every shiny new idea or concept and end up with a slow business or no concrete business at all.

Getting Off Course

In 1979, a passenger jet with 257 people aboard, left New Zealand for the Antarctica.  Unbeknown to the pilots, someone had altered the flight coordinates 2 degrees. It eventually took the plane off 28 miles from their final destination.

The pilots had no idea that the 2 degree error placed them in the direct path of Mt. Erebus, an active volcano.   When approaching the white capped volcano, the white clouds blended in and the plane crashed killing all on board.

When the black box was recovered, the pilots had indicated that by the time the instruments sounded a warning… it was too late.

In the beginning… the error was only a matter of 2 degrees… but staying on the wrong path took them 28 miles off course in the end.

Three Ways To Stay On Course

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I’m sure there are many good reasons to write articles and submit them to a article directory,  but I’m going to focus on just three.

Get Backlinks:

When you write an article and place it in an article directory, such as Ezine Articles, you have an opportunity to promote yourself in the resource box at the end of your article.

If you place your blog url in the resource box… folks, who what to know more about you, can click on the link… which will take them to your blog.

Backlinks from Ezine Articles (who have outstanding ratings) gives you quality backlinks from a powerful authority site.  Google notices and it helps to increases your blog ratings.

List Building:

In the resource box, you also have the opportunity to promote your opt-in box and there by increasing your list.  Simply put the url to your Opt-in page in the resource area.  (I like to disguise my url by using anchor text.  It just looks better.)

It may look like a fine time to send your reader to a sales page… but resist doing it.  You are much better off capturing their name and e-mail address first.  You then have the opportunity to contact them over and over again to build a relationship.  It makes for a much better atmosphere for offering them products.

Online Promotion:

Ezine articles are free to anyone who wants to use them on their web sites, magazines, etc.  However, Ezine’s terms of use state:  Anyone using the article must leave the title, content, and resource area (including links,) and article source in tack.  I like that idea!

It’s an excellent opportunity for your name and article content to get out on the web.  A bit of free promotion is always welcome.

Don’t shy away from writing articles and submitting them to an article directory.  In fact, if you haven’t tried it… don’t waste anymore time… get over to Ezine articles and sign up  and submit your first article.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  One blogging benefit is… you can re-purpose your blog content for your articles.  Now, you don’t have a reason for not writing articles for a article directory.

So, what do you think?

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Give Yourself Some Quiet Space

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A few weeks ago, it was necessary for me to go out to our retreat in the Uintah mountains.   I was lining up workers to make a few repairs and preparing for our family reunion.

It was so nice to be out away from the hustle and bustle of the city and my closed in office space.

I took my computer along so I could get a little work done in between moving the hose around to water… taking brief trips to the “mall” (our name for the Hanna Country Store,) and visiting with a cousin.

The view from our trailer over looks one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.  Farm houses, lush green alfalfa fields with magnificent mountains on the other side of the valley. (A distance of about 10 miles.)

So… where am I going with this?

Space…. I was amazed at what quiet solitude and looking out over the valley did for my head.  I found that the “fog” lifted from my thinking.  I was surprise to find how clear my mind was.  I was able to get a few blog posts and numerous articles written in a short amount of time.

I understand that runners will often get the same “fog” lifting results when they are out on their morning runs.  Quite solitude… and looking out and about clears their head.

A lot can be said for quiet meditation time.  But, getting out, taking a  break, looking far out and about, and giving yourself some quiet space may just be the thing to clear the “fog.” Especially when you’ve been at the computer all day.  It just may increase your productivity too.

At least… it worked for me.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  In fact… I’m going out again to our mountain retreat in about a week… for a little more quiet time and space.  Heavens knows what I may end up getting accomplished.

Let us know what you do to clear the cobwebs from your mind.  Love to hear from you!

Ideas anyone?

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I love it when my Twitter followers Retweet my Tweets.  Boy… is that a mouthful.  None the less Twitter has become a necessary strategy for promoting my online business.

I allow myself at least 20 minutes a day to Retweet my followers and business friends.  I try and make it as convenient as possible for my followers to Retweet me.

Here are a few simple Twitter tips that will make it easier for your followers to Retweet your Tweets.  I use them and I thought I’d pass them on to you.

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What about you? What do you think?

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Front Page Blog Layout Above The Fold

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Strong front page blog layout above the fold was one of the first blog principles I learned from my first online mentor.  First impressions do count and… you don’t want to scare your readers away before they get a chance to read your great content.

Header Titles and Sub Headlines Are The Key

Whether it’s your header title, or your sub header title, it should state exactly what your blog is all about.  State your general blog theme. This is not the time to use “catchy or cute phrases.” You only have 3 to 5 seconds for your reader to make a decision to stay or not stay.

Header Titles and Sub Headlines are the key for getting your readers curious enough to want to see what you have to say on your general subject.

The Title Of Your Blog Post Can Cause Readers To Want More And Bring You Future Readers

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