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Grab The Hands Of A Thousand More

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Grab hold,

And take this hand that

Reaches out to you….

…..If I can lift you today,

You will look back

And grab the hands of a thousand more.

That is the way

The Great Spirit would have it!

Howard Rainer, Native American Poet

Several years ago, I saw an original Ascent that was sculpted by a local artist, Gary L Price.   It was far beyond my financial means to purchase it… but, I’ve never forgotten it… nor its message.

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Is an Online Webinar or Teleseminar a friend or foe?

Webinars and Teleseminars are becoming a popular mode for marketers to teach and sell product.  You can sign up for a webinar or teleseminar for nearly every day and night of the week. Often time, you have the opportunity to attend several events in a day. It’s easy to become a “Webinar – Teleseminar Junkie.”

If one is not cautious, they can easily become an escape from being productive. They can rob you of precious time, especially if you don’t implement what you learn.  Webinars and teleseminar…  like e-books…  can be over done.

Webinars and teleseminars are very useful and helpful mediums.  They add another dimension to learning… which is auditory and visual.  You generally have the opportunity to ask questions.  If you use them wisely, they can one of the greatest sources of marketing and technology education.

Be Selective

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Your Turn: Do you have any advice you would like to share? What tips would you like to add? Please comment below.

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It’s none of your business!  Oh really?

Picture this! You’ve been invited to a party and you discover there’s a large group of people, many of whom you don’t know.  You’ve just been introduced to John Doe, who is owns a successful real estate company.

You chat for a few minutes and he asks, “What type of business are your involved with?”

“Oh, I have an Internet business and I put off line businesses online and promote them.”

“Hmmmm” he says, “I’m very interested… do you have a business card? I would like to contact you and find out a little more about how that could work for me.”

“I’m sorry… no I don’t… because it’s none of your business!!”

Of course, you wouldn’t dream of replying in such a manner.  But isn’t that what you might be implying when you don’t carry business cards?

Having business cards printed is the number one promotion investment you should make… whether your off or online.

Don’t think that I haven’t been without business cards under similar circumstances… and it’s embarrassing.  It’s not like they’re hard to come by these days. I just think it’s something we don’t consider, especially if we’re Internet marketers.

Now, before you run to call your printer, or webmaster, there are a few things you should consider when designing your business card.

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Are You A Copycat Marketer?

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Are you a copycat marketer… one who is not unique or different?

Hear Me Out… There Is A Point To This!

Years ago,  I sat on the bank of a river with my watercolors and brushes in hand…. frustrated!

My college instructor sent the class out to paint a beautiful scene using a medium that I had no experience with.  I had used other art mediums before but I didn’t know the first thing about how to use watercolor brushes properly… let alone understand the freedom and limits of the medium.

The excuse the teacher used  for not teaching us the basics was,  “I don’t want to interfere with your creativity.”

A few years later, I was taken under the wing of a great teacher.  I studied with this mentor for several years and I became skilled in using oil and acrylic paints.  I learned all the basic in these mediums from the foundation up.

After some time, I recognized that my work was looking exactly my teacher’s.  I had become a “copycat.”  I soon came to realize, in order for me to be successful, I needed to take the fundamentals I was carefully taught and develop a style of my own.

The departure was painful… but I succeeded in finding my own voice.  Eventually. my own approach lead me to design for one of the largest craft and gift companies in the U.S.

So… What’s The Point?

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If I could show you four simple ways to improve your copywriting skills so you could have over 200 comments on your site, would you stick around long enough to find out how?

One of the challenges we face, as online business folks is, most of our communication is through writing content. Whether its content for blogs, ebooks, reports or a hard back book… we want to hold our readers attention to the end.  We want them  to bond with our message and come back for more.

Imagine what it would be like to have folks hang on to every word you say… and look forward, with anticipation, for your next material.  Can you just see yourself jumping out of bed in the morning, running to your computer, to see if you have more than your usual 100 comments below your blog post?

There are two master copywriters that hold my attention to the very end of their blog posts and articles. They are my heros and I study their materials just to find out how they do it.

Before I tell you who they are…I want to tell you a short story.

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“Bounce Rate?” What is it? Google gives us this definition:

“Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page.”

1. A “landing page” is any page a reader “lands” on when they get to your site. 2. A Bounce is… leaving your site without clicking on another post or other information. In other words… the reader bounced off your site without sticking around to read additional information.  (That means your bounce rate is high… Google loves a low bounce rate.)

Bounce rate is part of the Google Analytics stats tracking system. If you’re on WordPress… The Google Analytic Plugin is a must. It tracks all of your stats. If you don’t know your stats… how do you know what to improve?

Where Do Your Readers Come From?

If your reader comes to your blog site from the Search Engines (SEO) chances are they are not going land on your home page. They will come to a specific page of your site (landing page.)

If your readers come from referrals… they will also land on a specific post…. not your home page.

If your readers come directly to your site because they typed in your URL address… they will land on your home page.

Since much of the time… folks will not come to you site via your home page… it’s so important to use good keywords in your post title. Readers come your site because they want specific information. They know what your subject is because the Keyword in the title of your post informed them.

How Lower Your Bounce Rate

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