There is a strange phenomenon called the “Power Of Three.”  It has been recognized by writers, artists,  marketers, and mystics that the number three holds particular psychological powers that will engage our attention.

The power of three was not lost to those who wrote early fairy tales and nursery rhymes.   Remember the 3 bears, 3 blind mice and the 3 little pigs.  The 3 Stooges, and the 3 Musketeers, and Huey, Louie and Dewey showed up in our movie theaters.  Was it all an accident?  Perhaps…. but most likely not.

I learned about the power of 3 when I was studying art.  A page, divided into three sections is the most pleasing format for painting.  Primary colors and secondary color, which are in groups of three, are the most pleasing to the eye.

I learned about the power of three when teaching women how to paint.  Each week, I faced 30 to 40 women, who were all eager to learn a particular painting skill.  It was a specialized area of decorative painting called, folk or stroke painting.

This method of decorative painting takes a great amount of brush handling skill.   My beginning students struggled with brush control and technique until I discovered the power of three as a way to teach.  I found that it took three repeated demonstrations of the exact same technique, before they could begin to master the technique.

After I demonstrated the technique 3 times consecutively, they picked up their brush and tried the technique.   After a time, I invited them back to the demonstration table and showed them the technique again.  I followed this pattern three times in a row.

Low and behold… they caught on very quickly.  By using the power of three it saved weeks of time in teaching them one simple process.

The Power Of Three In Online Marketing

The magic of three can be used in your online marketing and promotion.

Blogs: You can use this strategy by repeating the same concept in a series of three posts.  Perhaps each post taking a different angle of the same idea.  It helps to drive your message home.  Sheila Atwood, of Newbie Lifeline, is a master of grouping concepts together over several posts.

E-mail Promotion: Send three emails in a row promoting the same product.  Of course you word each e-mail differently.  Simply select three bullet points that you can expand on to sell your reader on the product.  Each e-mail will feature one of the bullet points.

E-mail Messages: In your e-mails, only include one link.  If you give your reader too many links, they have a tendency not to click any of them.  Instead, use the power of 3 and put the same link in the e-mail 3 times.  (Observe your e-mails and see how many marketers observe these rules. it works.)

Try using the the power of three in your online marketing, promotion and coaching… and watch miracles happen.

Til Later,

Kathy Griffiths

P.S.  Now that you’re aware of the power of three… watch to see where else this magic number shows up in your life.

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I once read that a “good offer is one where the value of the offer is greater than the price you are asking.”

Robert Cialdini, who has written much about the power of persuasion, tells a story in one of his books about two tailors and how they promoted value in order to get people to buy their suits.

The story goes something like this:

Two tailors owned a store that made and sold suits.  When a customer came in to the store… one tailor remained in the back room while the other greeted the customer on the sales floor.   They didn’t have price tags on their suits so the customer would have to inquire about the price.

There suits were around $20.00.  (That must have been during the dark ages.)

When a customer inquired about the price of a particular suit…. the sales man says, “Let me check.”  He then yells to the tailor in the back room.  “Hey Joe… how much is the gray pin stripe suit here in the front window?”

Joe yells from the back room, “The gray pinstripe suit is $30.00.”

The salesperson, pretending to be hard of hearing, tells the customer the suit is $20.00.

The customer quickly takes advantage of the error and buys the suit.

Now, this methods feels a bit manipulative to me.   Although it was clever, I don’t recommend it.

However… the story does prove a point.  The customer was persuaded that he was getting great value….  A $30.00 suit for $20.00.

Today…marketers are much more up front with their strategies by using the “Big Sale” to get us to buy products…. and it obviously works.  Folks sometimes line up in front of stores throughout the night to take advantage of an offer they feel is more valuable than the price.

Internet marketers play the game of:  “I could charge $200.00 for this but you’re getting it for $97.00.”  And it works.

The point is…folks want value.  Of course, they like to get a great “deal”.    But more important, customers want to feel that they got what they paid for and it was worth the price.  They don’t like it when they sense they were taken advantage of.

With so much hype on the internet,  I wonder how many people really feel they are getting the value they want and deserve?

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

Do you give value on your blog?

Is your content fresh information or truly inspirational?  Is it a rehash of what every other blog is talking about?  Even though your offering is free…. you are asking for your readers’ time and attention and they expect quality or they won’t be back.  Competition for time and attention on the internet is fierce so you must give the best value that you can.

Do you give value in the products you sell?

A product can be wrapped up in fancy, sales copy and promises but is shallow on the receiving end when it comes to value.  Big price…weak value.  Internet marketers that gain a reputation of over-delivering on their products get repeat customers… even if the price tag is high.  Remember… It’s not the price that matters…  it’s the perceived value of the product offered.

Do you recommend products that provide high value?

If you’re an affiliate marketer, promoting a product you haven’t purchased can be risky business.   The only way to be sure you’re promoting a product of high value is to purchase it and use it yourself.  Then it becomes a real recommendation from your experience.

There are product developers who have built a reputation for high quality products… in which you many feel comfortable in not purchasing the product first.  However,  you may be putting your reputation on the line when you recommend products you haven’t tried.  Be wise.

The boomerang principle is always in affect.  Give great value… and expect great returns in trust, loyalty and cash in your pocket.

Til Later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  I recently purchased a product that I found provides value way above and beyond the purchase price.  It’s called Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach.  Wow… it’s one of the best traffic generating products I’ve ever seen and I highly recommend it.  Fresh new ideas not seen before.   It’s one of the best examples of over delivery for the price.

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SEO content writing can be simple if your willing to learn one step at a time.  These three SEO tips and tricks will get you started on your way if your new to SEO.  If you’re a seasoned blogger, try these three simple SEO tricks if you are not already doing so.

SEO Tip 1:  Title

You’ve probably heard this a million times.  But, if you’re not doing this simple SEO trick, you’re missing the first essential SEO strategy.   Yes, we all want to use clever, hypnotic titles to gain our readers attention and you should.  The plus side is… you can use both.

This is one of the best SEO tips I can give you.  Use two titles.

Notice my main title: Write A Blog Post That Gets Astonishing SEO Results. Now notice the Title bar across the top of the page is different than the one on my post.  Simple SEO Content Writing | Three Top SEO Tips and Tricks

The large title on my blog is the catchy title.  The title  in the title bar is the title Google spiders will read.  It’s the most important seo title and it must contain your main keywords.  (I wrote earlier post on the power of Title Tags that you may want to read.

How Did I Get These Two Titles?

1.  First, I put my catchy title in to the title box.  I clicked, “Save Draft”.

2.  I then changed the permalink title to the keyworded SEO title.  My researched keyword phrases are:  “SEO content writing” and “Top SEO tips” and “SEO tips and tricks.”  (Click edit and change the permalink title. Watch closely that you use the same permalink format by putting a dash between each lower case word)

3.  I used the same seo title tag in the “All In One Pack”  SEO title bar at the bottom of the page.  (If you don’t have this free plugin…. get it immediately after reading this post.)

The search engines will read the permalink title and the “All In One SEO” title.

How how easy was that to get started with SEO content writing.

SEO Tip 2:  First Sentence and Paragraph.

This is one of the top seo tips I can share.

1.  Include the SEO title in the first paragraph of your post.  It’s actually best, if it’s the first sentence or so.

Observe my first paragraph and see how the keyword rich title is used right up front.   Plus I have used other relevant keyword phrases.   Now… just how easy is that SEO tip.

Once you get into this habit… it will become second nature to your SEO content writing.

SEO tip 3:  Last Paragraph

1.  Include your title keywords or better still include your SEO title in the last paragraph of your post.  I always use a P.S. in my posts… this is where I put my SEO title information.  (Make sure and read my P.S. so you can see how this is done.)

SEO Bonus Tip:  Related Keywords

Don’t forget to use related keywords along with your main keywords in your copy.  These are the keywords that will support your message.  You can see these related keywords when you conduct your keyword search.   My preferred keyword tool is Google Keyword External.

See how simple it is to get started or begin to include SEO tips and tricks in your posts.

Til later,

Kathryn Griffiths

P.S.  As you can see…SEO content writing does not have to be complicated if you just begin with these three simple SEO tips and tricks.

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For a successful online business… it’s important… yes… I would say vital to follow this important directive.

Never Go Past A Word Or Concept You Don’t Fully Understand!

It seems elementary doesn’t it?  But it is not only the foundation for an internet business, but it’s a foundation for all learning… no matter what the subject is.

When I first started my online business… the concept of a “Hosting Service” was very confusing to me.  Heavens forbid… what was a “Landing Page”?   An abbreviation, such as FTP, was a foreign language.   Coaches and teachers often assumed I knew all the lingo, as they rattled off instructions.

At times, my coach would talk so fast and throw out so many new terms that the inside of my forehead felt fuzzy and my eyes seemed to spin around.  Of course… in the beginning, I didn’t want to appear “stupid” so I just I didn’t ask them to back up and explain.   (Now that was “stupid”).

The deeper I went into online business and marketing, the more complex the web became.  It became evident to me that one concept laid upon another concept.  For me to be proficient in my business, I needed to take the information step by step until I understood every word and concept before moving on to the next level.

It may have taken me a little longer to learn… but I knew it was necessary to know internet terms, how they were used, and how they related to each other in order to have a successful online business.

What you can do to magnify your learning process for your online business.

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Guest Post:  Gary Bencivenga

Copywriter, Gary Bencivenga worked with legendary greats such as the late John Caples and David Ogilvy.  Semi-retired, after 38 years in the copy business, Gary continues to help others master the secrets of persuasion-in-print.

The Secret “Trigger Word” That Makes More of Your Prospects Say Yes Than Any Other Word in the English Language

Okay, today I’m going to share what I’m convinced is the single most powerful trigger word that makes your “reasons why” hit home with much greater persuasive force. It is the overlooked word that causes more prospects to say “yes” than any other word in the English language.

Why is it so powerful?

… Because it triggers an automatic and favorable response in the overwhelming majority of your best prospects – 94 percent and 93 percent in two typical scientific experiments I’ll cite in a moment.

… Because it secretly “anesthetizes” the skeptical part of your prospects’ brains, seducing them into deciding emotionally, often with little or no critical thinking. This results in much higher levels of response and sales.

… Because you can use this magic word any time you want to persuade almost anyone to do almost anything, whether in your advertising, presentations, relationships with your customers, employees, management, board members, spouse, children, lover, a jury – anyone you wish to persuade in the fastest, most reliable manner

… Because people love to be persuaded this way, as you’ll see.


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PageRank and Search Rank… What is the difference?  I find there is much confusion about these two terms.  Some think they are one and the same… but they are not.  Let’s take a closer look.


PageRank was created by Google.  In fact it was named after co-founder Larry Page.  Google found a way to determine relevance and importance.  In other words… an authority site.  An authority site is one that Google specifies as having quality content and lots of it.  It’s a site that is jam packed with great information or has so much public appeal that folks link to it.  It’s popular.

Page rank does not determine Search Engine rank.  It does, however, add to it.

Google has a PageRank tool bar that ranges from from 1 to 10.  It’s fairly easy to move up the toolbar in the beginning.  However, as your PageRank number increases, it gets progressively harder to move up a Google tool bar point at the higher end of the scale.

A couple of ways that Google PageRank is determined is the number of pages the site has and the number of quality links coming into the site.

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